4G Wireless Controversy

By Peter Chubb - Mar 2, 2010

There is no denying that the world is awaiting the launch 4G Wireless, but there seems to be so much controversy surrounding the upcoming technology. The most confusing thing has to be the speed that we all assume 4G can reach, and this is often wrong.

In an article on Information Week, Craig Mathias explains that if you are one of those who expects to see speeds of 100 Mbps at Layer 7 with the new wireless broadband technology, then you are going to be let down. However, he does inform us that we will benefit from an all-IP network, something that will make up for the lack of expected speed.

Mathias’s article also touches on the fact that 4G is not going to replace our current 3G technology anytime soon, instead there are to be added extensions on 3G for at least the next five years. This certainly goes against everything that AT&T, Sprint and Verizon have been telling us. We already know that Sprint and Verizon are already testing their 4G networks in selected cities; we had assumed that all would be implemented by 2011.

Read the full article from Information Week.

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  • smali26

    Why 4g when they don't even know how to perfect 3g? No one knows how to implement it and have any idea what the amount of bandwidth is guaranteed. it will all depend on coverage and if your mobile cannot connect it does not work. they need to offer better coverage then work on the bandwidth. sprint is already 4g and many other mobile carriers are trying to still get coverage and upgrade their brodcast towers.

  • JBoy75

    One final note: Sprint is not telling everyone that 4G will replace 3G. If you pay any lick of attention to their marketing, they tout the power of their 3G network along with America's first and only 4G network. Where does it say, "oh yeah, 3G is going away next year"? Either you're an extreme optimist or are simply not using your head to think this is going to happen overnight. And I know what you're going to say, "well, Verizon is going to flip the switch on 25-30 markets". We'll see what they have planned but even their people have gone on record as saying that we should expect their 4G coverage to double for 15 months after those initial markets get lit. 3G's going to be here for a while but for those of you in 4G markets today, jump on it because it's like having a cable modem in your pocket and on the go!!!

  • JBoy75

    Nationwide network deployments don't happen overnight whether you're talking 3G or 4G. You know those little holes in people's maps whether it's the Red guys, the Blue guys or the Yellow guys? Well, those are coverage gaps that all of the Big 3 are still working to fill in on 3G so anyone who tells you 3G will be gone by 2011 and replaced with 4G is CRAZY!!! It's going to be a while before 4G reaches the level of ubiquity that 3G coverage is at and 3G coverage is not perfect/ubiquitous after having been built out over multiple years.

  • Sprint Employee

    Peter – where have you been? Sprint already offers 4G in 27 markets with many more to come in 2010.

  • guest

    How about the pipe Sprint will deliver 4G and the spectrum? Vz and AT&T have a garden while Sprint has the Amazon river…

  • Now

    Sprint is far from "testing" The testing went on 3 years ago. It is rolling out to multiple markets at a pretty decent clip. There are many devices launched and many in the pipeline.

  • fonman

    Duh, Sprint isn't "testing", they have already gone live (started in 09).