Will you buy a Sony PS3 Slim Today? After PSN error “8001050F”

By Jamie Pert - Mar 1, 2010

If you own a Sony PlayStation 3 and have recently received the PS3 error message “8001050F” you may be frustrated to hear that the PS3 Slim’s are not affected, in fact these are apparently connecting faster than ever.

Sony have recently confirmed that they are experiencing connectivity issues with the classic PS3, they confirmed this on their official Twitter account, here they have acknowledged the problem and stated that they are working on a fix, also they believe that 120GB and 250 GB ‘slim’ models are not affected.

It has now been 10 hours since Sony have tweeted anything regarding the problem, while it will be silly for some people to waste money on a PS3 Slim when its Sony’s error, others will just see today as a kick to get the slicker, and slightly slimmer model.

Therefore we thought we would ask our readers what they think, will you see this as a perfect excuse to buy a PS3 Slim or will you just wait until the problem is rectified?

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  • you know what guys just buy ps3 slim right now because the ps3 fats have many problems like in the PSN,shape,size,overheating(as you dont know my 80gb ps3 overheated after i played it for straight two hours:( and that make me to buy ps3 slim and it still amaze me:) ) ps3 fat also uses too much electricity but the ps3 slim uses half electricity as how much the fat does. ps3 fat is hell a fat and huge it also make me frustrated when i touch its body it make easily fingerprints and dust what i did is just whipe it every minute. so there you go did i make you feel to buy ps3 slim and not the ps3 fat.

  • T master 942

    its such a bid problem but its caused by a stupid mistake i dont get how a tiny prob can make a big disaster

  • T master 942

    im so glad i got a ps3 slim my was working all day when ps3 fats died i lov ps3 and i used t hav a ps3 fat im glad its GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • mark viana

    one day, and they fixed this problem.
    quality service, for no fees to play online, unlike xbox live.

    how would anyone say the xbox 360 is better when half of all it's consoles distributed actually BREAK down.

    this is compared to the 1 out of every 200 PS3s that break down

    BTW this problem was fixed in the PS3 Slim. O.O

  • Evan

    Mattu is right. I have the slim and I have had no problem. The Psn network is fine.

    The older ones like Mattu said thought 2010 was a leap year. The slims never had downtime or at least mine never.

  • Mattu12

    The Slim Line PS3's Are Fine Its The PS3 Original (Fat) Thought That 2010 Was A Leap Year So Thats Why !!! There Is NO PROBLEM With The Playstation Network

  • james braselton

    hi there i dont just buy anouther ps3 becuase i already have one a 80 gb i want a mega upgrade not small upgrades like quad ssd's or 300 gb 10,000 rpm voloci-raptors or a 600 gb cheata at 15,000 rpms or 1 or 2 terabyte 7,200 rpm ps3 or turbo meory hybride ssd/hdd combo like i want too have a faster ps3 then other gamers please offer the new intel 80 gb ssd or intel 160 gb ssd or a vortex ssd with a read of 300 mb/s and a 250 mb/s write or tripple voloci-raptors at 10,000 rpms in a raid for 30,000 rpms

  • lool

    i bet sony did this so people would just buy the slim ps3 also psn is faster on the slim so they did this

  • Amir

    No because the issue was fixed less then 24 hours later. losers

  • ghinasky


    It's a national holiday in XBOX country!

    Woo Hoo!

    Here's to fixing your RROD in 24 hours!


  • Amir

    Yea Fanboys Sonys sales are going to meltdown because of a 24 hour bug that had to with the internal clocks on the old ps3s NOT PSN.

    nonsense that crap that gets published on this site.

  • Jenny Zhu

    Guys, the error only applies to the old ps3's, not the ps3 slim.

  • Michael

    I think it is odd that people are saying that we should not be upset that the PS3 is not working as it was intended to because we get free online. What about the games that we cannot play? Since we get free online we should be ok with not being able to play games at all? Seems that the people saying this should move to the back of the short bus. We should not be ok with this and it is not like these are sysytems made at Billy Bob's electronics on the corner, this is Sony and they are held to a higher level of expectation. There are people who do not care to play online and are affected by this outage. So, to the people who say we should be ok with the failure because we get free online, what about those that do not take advantage of the free online?

    • erasure25

      take a chill pill… problem's fixed… didn't bother me cuz I didn't even use my PS3 yesterday… was to busy.

  • Steve

    I will not buy XBOX 360 because I tried in the past and return it and after a further six braking down on me I gave up.. I believe that The Xbox is unrealiable and bot the Xbox and PS3 are worthless now..So we as customers need a reliable system

  • Baldy

    i bought my PS3 on UK day of release. The original 60gb upgraded to a 320gb HDD. Some games load (DLC) and some don't.
    I share my cousins account, and some of his games tll my copyright protection blah blah, and other the 8001 blah blah.
    All i wanna know is, can they fix this error without losing any of anything?
    I dont care how long it takes, but a lot of money has been spent between us, and typically, the most played games are the ones that do not work.
    I don't want a size zero PS3! I like my fat one.

  • Daniel

    Everyone calm down, this is 1 error from the PS3 in a LONG time. Your lucky, if it were XBOX360 you would have the Red Ring of Death and it wouldnt even fucking work. If this happened on XBOX, it would be a waste of money. But their giving us free online so be thankfull, the PS3 is far more superior to the XBOX.


    man i tell u sony playstation i thought smore than just a game console it is thearpy… i play this dam thing any time im angy, sad, happy ect and it boost my morale….. noticed i said just a console. how can sony not for see this. i know that if they dont fix the problem they will have some kind of impossible feat or action that the consumer would have to comply to to get a refund or credit to even to get the slim..like u must have original recipt…. or even more devastating bandading the problem only to have it happen again. i am very dissapointed with sony and I AM GETTING AN XBOX360 I WONT EVEN BUY HEAD PHONES FROM SONY THIS IS MY BOYCOTT IF PROBLEM IS NOT FIXED IN BY FRIDAY…… all the f ups toyota,toys with cancer metals like lead now..SONY PLAYSTATION.. and i have every thing sony from surround sound ect..ps1,ps2,ps3 over 200 games combined now they do this IVE LOST RESPECT ….. I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE FIXED BY MORNING WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON

  • karoneen

    this sucks a big one,i cant play timeshift with larqie.i dont want to throw my ps3 out the window.

  • Ray

    Even if it’s free that’s their choice. We still payed top dollar for all of our games and the freaking systems (I got mine when it was $499.99). We can’t play them now, getting online isn’t really what’s making me mad, it’s that I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on these games and the DLC and I can’t play them or I’ll lose my data AND my trophies. So now I can’t even turn the damn thing on. That’s what’s got me mad. Yes I praise Sony for giving free online, but it can only go so far.

  • daniel

    psn because i have a slim and it does not connect

    • Amir

      Daniel your a liar.

  • Mark

    I dont care about trophy's but it''s a bit annoying after my long day at work to come home and discover this, but its only a games console and PSN is free so i'll just do something else and play tomorrow, if it was my day off I would be pissed mind

  • Gary

    People spend lots of money on games etc Sony should give away some freebies as its the internal clock thats faulty , people wont want to by a ps3 slim if that could do the same in the future Sony needs to protect its brand name and keep its customers happy

  • ukidsrnerds

    so everyone is saying that they would rather go get a 360 and PAY for xbox live, then to wait a couple days while sony fixes the FREE online connection they give us… wow… its a system like i computer, and jus like a computer, its goin to have issues at times. If u cant wait a day or two to play video games, then take advantage of this and go make some friends, cause you really need to get out of ur parents basements. haha sorry… it is frustrating, but some of u guys are way to worked up about it. yea if my system is completly fucked and they cant fix it, i will be pissed… but in the mean time, props to sony for keeping us posted and gettin on the problem quickly

  • Scott Glasgow

    Just put COD MW2 an it took my trophys away this shit ain’t hapnin I had 80 odd % nearly had my platnum no fukin way

  • Jordan.S

    If u want to help me petition about this problem, i feel that if enough of us contact sony at one time we can all get awnsers or upgrades for free. !!! email me at Black_rose2k7@hotmail.com to help me out. il reply to u all ASAP Thanks

  • Jordan.S

    I feel that the sony company have alot to awnsr for to be honest. They treat us like loyal customers when it suits them and there funding. They tell us in our user manual that if the console FOR ANY REASON should become faulty that they will try to fix it by picing it up and repairing it personally.
    I say that if this problem is not fixed by this time tmo we should all Ring the sony company repair line and all quote for a PS3 slim upgrade. eiter for free or for at least exchange for the fat ones.
    If u agree with this idea, please email me on Black_rose2k7@hotmail.com Iv got my ipod on mail atm so all messages will be replied to asap..

    Thank you for the time, As a majority i am sure we can get either an expanation or an upgrade.

  • dana

    i have 2 ps 3 fats and the date on both of them say 12/31/2000

  • 360 fanboy

    l0lz0rz thats wat u get for buying shitty ps3 xbox360 FTW!!

  • Scott Glasgow

    To be onest it’s all BS I’m not buyin a new consol . If I may need another b’cos of this error il b expectin to swap it for the new 1 at Sonys expence respectively!!

  • laurito96706

    wth, i finally got a free day to relax and play some MW2 and for the last hour, i've been unplugging and plugging my network cables, restarting my dsl, checking every freak'n my connections, and i was gonna call my network provider to ask them wtfh! good thing i check online, i had a feeling SONY was a pulling a TOYOTA bullshit on us. what luck, network down, toyota a recall.

  • andrew

    no way would i buy another system when mine SHOULD be working just fine!!!!

  • andrew

    no way would i buy another system when mine SHOULD be working just fine!!!!



  • paul of duty

    hey wtf??? I can't play cod and now I'll have to talk to the wife again! sony, u got a lot to answer for now!!!!

  • EmlynK

    They're probably all complaining because it feels like it's a kick to the slim, which means spending more money.

    I have the original 60GB, and I'll be damned if I have to buy a slim.

    However, I don't think this is to force all of us classic users to buy a Slim. How many customers would Sony lose?

  • omg cant play mw2 or uncharted 2 online or offline this error sucks they better fix this error or better they should give us free ps3slims

  • IWillKillYou

    If i lose any data, especially my be a pro that i slaved over, i will personally bring Sony down to hell with me. Shet

  • FIFAddict

    Prepare your Lawyers…

  • Avid Sony Fan

    Just giving me a slim would hardly be compensation if they can't fix the error. Back when the original 60's were released on launch, the price tag was well into the 600-700 dollar range. I paid for the sleek look, the chrome trims, the multi card reader, the 4 USB ports, and most importantly the backwards compatibility… all of which are not included on the newer slims. If they cannot fix my PS3, i have the original receipt and will demand that i get fully reimbursed seeing as how i would no longer be getting what i paid for, and the issue was not a thing of neglect or improper use on my part.

  • FIFAddict

    This is one LOAD OF SHIET!!!!!!!!
    SONY Be careful…

  • Jeame


  • bob

    this is a psn error if it wasn't then sony would have said it wasn't. i hope sony fixes the dam problem fast and if they don't just to get more people to buy the slim ps3 then i hope they lose money off of this crap. was playing gta 4 on the ps3 and i finally got one of the things oyu needed for a trophies a few doays ago and last night another one. i hope the trophies are fine if sony is really fixing the problem. i don't care if its free or not. you don't see the 3600 users having problems with their 360's elite or not when playing online. at least they get a message syaing their doing mantainence. sony what if i wanted a dlc for a certain game? i can;t get now cus of sony's pathetic error.

  • FIFAddict

    This is one LOAD OF SHIT!!
    SONY be careful…

  • jigaloo

    I am so freaking pissed man. I just bought FIFA10 and I can't even play it. I keep getting this weird message 8001050F. please PLAYSTATION fix this issue already. jeez

  • IWillKillYou

    Ur mad, my ps3 better be fixed within the hour.

  • jennifer

    I have never even been online on my PS3, and it wiped everything from my Resident Evil 5 game out. It will not even let me play it.

  • mick

    cant you take the fat ps3 back on warranty

  • dj lil yazi

    must okay mw2 or i die lol

    • mick

      yer i know im clsoe to prestiging

  • I'm with Jim (although I don't yet own a PS3, hopefully this problem will drive demand for the PS3-fat down so prices for old stock drop and I can get one 😀 One mans problem is another's blessing after all :P)

    But in all seriousness, this is no big issue. All of you who are talking about naïve things like customer loyalty, get over yourselves. Sony merely made a mistake early on in the PSN's lifecycle, by making it so the PS3 and PSN have to agree on what the time is. It seems something failed somewhere, and as per result the PSN network is rejecting the affected PS3s because it thinks they are false machines. Fixing it is pretty easy I think, it just takes time considering how big the PSN is. And its not like Sony are trying to get people to by slimline consoles – in fact, that would be stupid as they would be hit probably with anti-trust lawsuits all over the world, and if they don't figure out how to failsafe this issue it might replicate itself on a later console revision costing Sony an arm and a leg financially.

    All in all, this is nothing compared to the near 100% failrate for Xbox 360s, and Sony have done well so far in fixing this problem from an objective point of view (sure they haven't got a fix yet, but their PR handling has been calm so far). Everyone who's hating needs to take a step back, breath in and out, and remember the poor software engineers who are trying to keep their jobs in the face of this problem, so they can support their families, and so forth 🙂

    • JFD

      Well said Jim and Christian. Take a deep breath folks… Free online and so you can expect a little issue here and there.

      I've had my PS3 since the first day they came out and I can't say enough about how great my experience has been so far. Give the company a little more time to fix the issue… In my view, they've earned it. If you don't like the fix / result, then you can complain all you want. At this point, there are too many people jumping to conclusions and overreacting.

      I do agree that an email update would certainly be an important strategy from Sony to help increase the transparency of this issue and bridge the trust.

      It is a sunny day in Toronto… get out and enjoy it!

  • Cabeza33

    I think if this is a problem they SONY cant fix they should give everyone who spent $500-$700 bucks for ps3 when it came out should get it traded for the Slim Ps3 that costs only $300 its not fair we had to spend double the money and it doesnt work n they want us to spend another 300 for it nah trade mine in and give me a free one and keep the trophies i just want to play my games

  • Jose

    Im not hating or going to talk bad about Sony but im not going to spend money on a slim bc the sales are going down. If there taking back the Fat ones back and are willing to trade thats the only way im getting a slim. So if they are let me know

  • ben

    well this is not good hope that they fix in the next hour it is not right that we have to wait for something they should have known about we all want to know whats going on

  • lahoree_7

    wtf its not fuckin fair,who the hell will buy ps3 slim!,we already have ps3 fat,and want it to be fixed! non of us want to losse all the data and trophies and some other stuffs…fuck,fuck,fuck and just fuck(sorry for using the bad language,but i m really angry :)) FUCKKKK!

  • @jim exactly wath i was thinking had mine since the begening and never had a problem b4.sure its frustrating but hey its electronics.

  • joel

    We should Vote who thinks it can be fixed remotely?

  • lol if the wheels just fell off my car that is less than 2 years old (and all others like it in the world), I wouldn't go and buy a new car from the same company

    This is a reason not to buy the Slim PS3

  • MarcoS

    I have been having logon problems since I got it…. It's become impossible now sure.
    And yes my date/time seems to have reset(1-1-2000), the date can not be updated via internet. Also the trophies(about which I don't give a damn) have vanished…. This seems to have to do with which game disk is in there…. So my advise: when trying to logon take out any game disk. Would this then be the long expected millennium BUG !?!? Ha Ha little coders humor….


    I have both the slim and the fatty. My wife took the slim to her moms house so we both can play MW2 online and last night I was going crazy thinking I am going to have to send it in for repair. I just got my fatty back a couple of weeks ago from being repaired from the yellow lights and I am thinking not again. But I am a loyal SONY customer, shit happens, nobody is perfect, they will fix this "I HOPE" I had XBOX 360 but I sold it as soon as I got my PS3 because the 2 should not even be in the same room, damn I used them in the same sentence. I just want to say wait it out, I know its hard I am a fiend to….

  • GoonSquad

    Yeah Jim is right if we would have to pay for the service its okay to complain but there giving it to use completely free and every one's complaining!!!

    • ryan

      its ok saying its free but i have 55 games and i cant play a single one of them

  • zaphodity

    If this is a kick to the slim model, the Sony store down the road will be having a brick sailing through its window sometime in the early hours.

    • master gamer

      man to be honest imagine im here playing modern warfare 2 and suddenly boop! off the net im to the point were ill nuke the damn building this is BS i had a feeling they would do some shit like this forcing ppl to buy the new crap anyone hear lawsuit

  • Michael

    What about all my DLC!! I've spent hundreds, and how the f*%k is it i cant play a game offline? What if i dont have internet? My account had better be ok and they had better get this fixed this unbelievable and really is hurting their reputation! I have a 40g and have been loyal for years but this is bulls#!t! No! I wouldnt buy an inferior model because they can't hire professionals! GET IT FIXED!!!

  • Jim

    All you guys chirp sony and the ps3 as soon as something goes wrong. Sure i’m pretty upset about this too, I had a few people over last night to hit up some modern warfare 2 just to find that I couldnt sign in. But i’m not gonna hate Sony for it. Were playing on the greatest gaming system that was ever made, we play online for free, and we chirp the people who are playing Wiis and Xboxs. I’m sure this problem wont last too long, and I’ve had my system since the very day it came out. Maybe it is time to go with a slim. I still respect Sony just as much and love my system like best friend. So please take it easy on Sony, they have been great to us and I have never really seen that returned as everyone is always putting Sony down

    • @jim exactly what i was thinking ive had mine since the begening and never had a problem b4

  • Pezza

    From what I can make out, this is a firmware error in the 'PHAT' versions of the PS3, caused by a date glitch calculating the leap-year. There is a possibility that this will resolve it's self once the firmware clock calculates to the 1st March (probably on the 2nd). Remember this is the firmware clock not the displayed time, although that was reset to 31/12/1999. Living in the US / UK / Austraia wont make a jot of difference, the firmware clocks will all be at similar times.

    So at best the issue will resolve it's self in 24 Hours
    (a future update will stop it recurring)

    At worst will require a firmware update which would take a few days.

    I am assuming the PS3 firmware can be updated by the System update process, as i know there was a Blu-Ray firmware update a while back. Also the internet connection is OK as you can still use the browser, and the download manager was still downloading applications previously started from the PSN store. (My download completed OK from an original start a few days ago)

  • ernie

    Actually you should be pissed because you payed for AvP.

  • yyk

    same problem Error Message 8001050F assasins creed 2


    I hacked my PS3!
    All you have to do is open your playstation3 and remove the battery and wait about 5 mins and put it back and close everything back and done!
    The PSN/clock should work normally!

    • Ross Wilson

      and in doing that havent you voided the warranty?

      • Ste V B

        It’s the fat PS3s. All their warranties have ended now anyway

        • Steve

          I brought mine from cex before xmas, they gave me a year warranty.Has anyone else tried what fixed said??

        • You know, I've just read some info which backs up what 'fixed' said. It might be worth a go for those of you who have experience taking the PS3 apart.

    • chris day

      did u lose anything?????

    • take2

      Did taken out the battery actually work

  • chris day

    To be honest i dont care who's fought it is i just want this dam thing sorted..

  • Pete Haynes

    I can't play any of my games at all, or access any of the money left in my PSN account.
    I hope they're panicking at Sony Central cause I didn't work my proverbials off to pay 300 quid and 40 pound a game for a piece of worthless scrap. Where are the e-mails keeping us informed? They have my address. Where are the updates to game stores advising not buying a game today ? Until they know what has happened and if they can fix it the only Moral thing thay can do is suspend selling games immediately.

  • AngryPS3owner

    Yea, they should recall all fat PS3s and replace them for us. ToFUCKINGday!

    • madps3owner

      they better i will will reveiw them so bad and so will everybody else

    • Amir

      Why because you think they owe you something? its a clock error that can be fixed with a firmware update. You dont deserve a new console.

  • Max

    you're wrong, it's a PSN error.

  • Ross Wilson

    sony should supply everyone with an older fat model ps3 with a new ps3 slim, but even if they do rectify the problem, ive still lost a huge amount of data.

  • chris day

    no i will not buy a slim if sony does not fix it they can give me one!!!!!!!!!

    • BRFC

      hell yes i have already spent £325 on this lump of crap

      • chris day

        ive spent just over £600 on ps3 games and only 1 of them are workin

    • Amir

      yes entitlements are alive and well.

      You dont even deserve the one you have moocher.

  • BottomSmacker


    Rest assured, we've many people working on fixing this issue. As soon as we have some news, we'll let you know.
    3 minutes ago via web

    • BRFC

      Assuming that you 'Bottom Smacker' work for Sony (very professional btw) … I hate you. Get this fixed and send my compensation for this disloyalty to your LOYAL customers who bought the ps3 when it first came out not a year and a half down the line. what a joke.

    • GUEST

      HURRY UP THEN i came home to play my ps3 with some friends and guess what .

  • Danny H *BRFC*

    Omg im soooo AAAAANNNNNNGGGGGRRRRRRYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! I used to love my playstation but this problem has occured plenty of times and frankly i may just smash the damn thing to pieces and buy a freakin xbox (even though i dont particularly like those either) they havnt screwed my around like sony have and made me waste all this time and energy! WHAT A RIP! Speaking of RIP, to my PS3 … RIP! See you in hell.