Will you buy a Sony PS3 Slim Today? After PSN error “8001050F”

If you own a Sony PlayStation 3 and have recently received the PS3 error message “8001050F” you may be frustrated to hear that the PS3 Slim’s are not affected, in fact these are apparently connecting faster than ever.

Sony have recently confirmed that they are experiencing connectivity issues with the classic PS3, they confirmed this on their official Twitter account, here they have acknowledged the problem and stated that they are working on a fix, also they believe that 120GB and 250 GB ‘slim’ models are not affected.

It has now been 10 hours since Sony have tweeted anything regarding the problem, while it will be silly for some people to waste money on a PS3 Slim when its Sony’s error, others will just see today as a kick to get the slicker, and slightly slimmer model.

Therefore we thought we would ask our readers what they think, will you see this as a perfect excuse to buy a PS3 Slim or will you just wait until the problem is rectified?

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