Toyota Deaths Listed By LA Times: Sudden Acceleration Problems

By Alan Ng - Mar 1, 2010

It has been reported that at least 56 people have been killed as a result of traffic accidents relating to acceleration problems within a series of Toyota models.

According to this article over at the LA Times, the alleged figure has been filed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, who have now published information to the public, about accidents involving victims and their Toyota models.

One example includes Stanley Sirnik, who died in 1992 due to sudden acceleration problems and a lockout in his cruise control of his 1992 Toyota 4Runner. Other Toyota models mentioned in the findings include the 2002 Toyota Camry, 1997 Toyota Avalon and the Toyota Yaris.

What are your thoughts on this? You can read detailed information on all the accidents mentioned by the NHTSA, in the link above.

Toyota are yet to comment on this.

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  • Jane Johnson

    I just paid $240 to repair my gas pedal on 2002 Highlinder because is not on the recall put experience the thrill of accelaration without pressing my gas pedal. I have to take time off from work to take care of this issue. Spend $800 a few months to take care of another issue that should it be a recall with the AC. Unable to control temperature. They already has seeing about 6 Highlinder this year for the same problem. I think I should get my money back. I always being loyal to Toyota but I'm thinking very seriously to find something else reliable. I own 3 Toyota (Tundra, Prius and Highlinder).

  • Dave Tucker

    I lost my wife in December 1996 when her Toyota 4runner lost control and rolled, the roof caved in breaking her neck and killing instantly. She was only 25 yrs old, and left behind two baby boys and a husband that will never get over the loss…..

  • Former Customer

    I used to be a loyal Toyota customer (since 1983) owned many Toyota and Lexus products. In 2006 bought a Solara convertible and had to go to arbitration over a problem. Toyota FINALLY repaired the problem after the Arbitrator ordered them to. I sold the car and said good bye to Toyota after that. They put profits over EVERYTHING else… Now they want to say safety and customer service are number one and they are "sorry" about the deaths??? I hope the lawyers have a field day with them and their liability!