Sony’s Playstation Network Error: Could be bigger than Microsoft’s RROD – Recall discussions

By Alan Ng - Mar 1, 2010

While we advise all of you to not jump to conclusions on Sony’s global PS3 network bug, we simply can’t ignore this interesting article we’ve found, which indicates that the problem could turn out to be BIGGER than Microsoft’s infamous problems with the RROD.

The article in question comes from TheLostGamer, who have listed possible solutions which will fix the bug and return everything back to normal.

These include Sony re-writing the binary code of the clock chip, to counter the system thinking that there will be a February 29th in years to follow, which is thought to be the main issue causing the problem. Since the problem is affecting users offline too, Sony may have to resort to distributing service discs to retailers or customers directly – for PS3 owners who are unable to connect to the internet (If a patch update is released)

Of course, if this all fails for Sony – then the only option for the company would be to recall affected systems – which would bring up inevitable similarities with Microsoft’s RROD problem and cause chaos amongst PS3 owners no doubt.

What do you think about this? It may seem farfetched right now, but could a global recall be a possible outcome of this problem?

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  • Ps3player142

    This happen to me and it pisses me off because I don't play my ps3 very often and when I do I play battlefield and company 2 and because this faggot error every time I log on I can't fucking play

  • Tazmaniandevil !!!

    go fuck yourself all u ps3 haters out there at least the psn was only down for a day unlike xbox live whitch was down for a month………… long live sony

  • Luke

    people need to stop acting stupid, it was only one day…….. get over it……

    Ps3 still beats 360…

  • woodymayshays

    Its back!!! Finally!!!

  • Tris

    Its working again

  • low
  • shmexBox

    haha; murdidilyurder! I think a bit of wee just came out!
    Anyone hear that taking the battery out could fix it or is that rumour a load of tod? not sure if I can wait 24hours….

  • Vanas

    i would actually be quite happy with a recall & a new machine as mine is getting a bit long in the tooth… a complementary copy of heavy rain would do me nicely as well!
    oh, and some people on here seem to take their gaming waaaay to seriously. go get laid or something!

  • I'm after murdering my neighbours out of frustration that I can't go online and feed my chronic GTAIV addiction. There's no fun in rounding up your real friends and cruising for hoes, taking her for a ride and then murdidilyurdling her to get your money (maybe some gear or craic) back. When you do those things in real life all you feel is empty regret and sorrow of such a monsterous act, however when you do it on GTAIV, well you feel great and it makes for good masterbation material, especially when you know your online friends are cracking one off also. I hope Bony sort this soon before I invite the post man in for a cup of hammer to the skull!!!

  • Theo

    I hope this problem is fixed soon!
    Bought PS3, because I could play all 200+ PS and PS2 games also. Dreamcast went south and I hope history does not repeat itself. Unless they put a backward chip in the slimline and make it available reasonably soon, all my Sony products, including my new Bravia will be going into the trash!

  • WalkmanSilver

    I really hope this problem is fixed. My friend's FIFA10 trophies have been deleted, and I feel sorry for him

    BTW I own an Xbox, but used to own a PS3, only got rid of it because Sony wanted to replace my PS3 that could play any PS1 or PS2 game it wanted with something that couldn't do any of that. Wasn't happy, so changed as a sort of revenge

  • shane

    sonys floppin out i jus got a new shadow six in the mail right after the system crashed fuck sony buyin an xbox tomorrow

  • gingerz

    i have a 2 ps3's
    fat and slim
    slim works fine
    fat 1 does not work on sony network but internet works fine

  • Albert

    they shud offer all fat ps3 owners a free ps3 slim in return for the defective model, because this is a huge inconvenience to many of us!!

    • Nath

      oh yeah sure u've lost a day's worth of gaming so we'll just spend millions of our money to dump all the old ones .. great idea! they're fixing it so chill man, damn!

    • montyboy

      and what about ps2 support i bought a ps3 to play my old ps2 games on as well ps3 slim doesnt support that

  • rsc

    sort this fucking mess NOW

    • Hodgemister101

      i agrre pile of s**t

  • adam

    i sync'd my trophies to my facebook and cant turn that off now because i cant connect to PS3N and now i cant play anygames at all!!!!

  • Matt B

    I dont mind waiting for a fix, and understand that technology can throw the problems up, thats life! But you would think with the amount of users effected that Sony would give some form of reasonable updates and try to manage users expectations……??

  • Dean

    This is only affecting people who have the older model of ps3, all chunky versions. All slim line ps3's work fine.

    • BigDeanF

      My slim ps3 doesnt work online at all, I tried to play black ops online and it didnt work……..

  • Rob

    Here's another reason for Sony to start charging for some kind of PSN access in the future….

    Sad…… 🙁