Sony PS3: Update on Playstation Network problem (8001050F)

By Alan Ng - Mar 1, 2010

We have yet another update from Sony now, on the problems that has been affecting PS3 owners throughout the day, this time it comes from a UK Playstation Community Manager.

Over at the Playstation EU Forums, Community Manager ‘MusterBuster’ has been keeping users informed of progress on a fix to the list of problems relating to the 8001050F network error.

The key part of his statement reads: ”We hope to resolve this problem within the next 24 hours. In the meantime, if you have one of the above listed models, we advise that you do not use your PS3 system, as doing so may result in errors in some functionality, such as recording obtained trophies, and not being able to restore certain data. ”

He is refering to any PS3 models other than the Slim of course, while we already warned you in the morning not to turn your PS3 on, until this issue was fixed.

At least we know it will be fixed by tomorrow. No word on whether they will be able to restore lost data though, so time will tell.

Let us know your thoughts on this. I’m sure theres something else you could be doing with your time right now, eh folks?

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  • jack b

    my ps3 wont let me do update so i cant use it any ideas

  • ban

    ive had a couple of problems. it was stuggling to join a game with friends on line and also my headset would connect but i could not hear or talk to anyone. is this due to these errors

  • JackEFC

    Im pissed off PS3 is so shit might just get an Xbox carnt even log in its saying valid password thet best fix it soon and i best not lose any of my trophies or it will be getting traded in for an Xbox

  • dom

    i turned mine on and now the playstation network is not working why ?

  • The Wiseman

    I think it would have been wise for Sony to some how post that there were problems, like say on the TV because I got home and turned my ps3 on without knowlegde of the new fault/bug. Maybe even send a message through to our ps3 or emails stating a problem and that they are working on it. Hopefully they can fix it, otherwise I may just switch to the 360, seeing that many people say it is better and they havent had this problem to my knowlegde

    • Capn Eg0

      Yes LIVE was down for an entire week. It still times out just like PSN the difference is suckers pay for it.

  • Luckikun

    Joe is right. there is loads of other things you could do during this sad period…
    Im not that bothered. Only thing im very anoyed about is that i literally upgraded my HDD from 60gb to a 500gb a couple of hours before the PSN went down..
    Didnt even know about it till after i restored my PS3 and games when lastly i installed my new Bayonetta game and it kept staying on the loading screen after the HDD check. i tried several times after that thinking it may have crashed..
    Then later on i found out that i couldnt install Bayonetta due to the fact it required me to be signed into PSN? Whats happens if i didnt have internet connection? This is rather gay…..

    Well this is what i hope is the Problem….. i just want to play bayonetta and Hawx

  • dale

    there working

  • Saffams


  • afonso

    im freaking out, im totally freaking out

    im doing a system backup while all my data is still intact

    From portugal

  • jamie

    they are working now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • low
  • confused

    I am so glad that I bought a ps3 when it first came out. I am so glad that I went out and spent hundreds of dollars on state of the art games. But if I knew the true weakness of the ps3, aka march1 2010, then i would have gladly taken that money and shoved it up the holes of those sad excuses for technicians that cant even program a console to recognize the date 03/01/2010. But lets give those sad rats the benefit of the doubt, maybe they thought the world was ending on 02/28/2010. Maybe we aint supposed to be here. Maybe this is the afterlife where new age consoles break down at the mention of 03/01/2010. Congrats sony for making a wonderful and powerful machine, whos only weakness seems to be a date. lame

    • capn eg0

      Technicians don't program just thought I'd let you know.

  • frankie

    when will the update be ready by!!!!!!?????

  • patrick

    this is pissing me off i wanted to play a little gta4 and no i cant sony is a peice of shit and if they dont fix it bye seven i will call them the fuckheads they make enough money to fix it i havent been able to play since last night i live on the ps3 im getting mad i want to play it now

  • aaron

    I HATE SONY!!!



  • jimmy

    i had my ps3 turned on all day , wasnt aware of this error untill now, as was not playing it , just listening to the tunes .
    will this Be a prolem as its Been turned on ? 🙁
    pisse off about no cod2 though :@

  • mw2hero

    go and have sex instead. thats what im doing. mw2 is better of course lol


  • is the update available yet? whats the score?

  • so glad my wife checked internet stuff before i smashed my ps3 to bits. (a mistake i made with my old ps2 when a disc wouldn't play, turned out it was the game!!) i owe her some flowers.

  • not a happy bunny! i dont give a stuff about trophies etc etc. just want to play footy and modern warfare. dont understand how sony propose to sort this out. can anyone tell me?

  • Victor

    Word of advise, don't try to play any games that check for trophies at startup, it will corrupt all trophies from that game and game won't start.

  • CRITTER CRUNCH! <3 eeeeek ;D <3

  • Arron

    when is the update being released i bored and just bought gta iv to mess about with my mate online then i get all this shit tellin me i cant sign in cos of some stupid error and i been filming some stuff on mw2 this weekend an i havn't lost any trophies

  • zxcswdr

    Given that we now know what the problem is how to Sony propose to deliver the updated code. IF this is a firmware problem as it appears to be then the system will not accept the code tomorrow because the date conflict will still exist. I doubt that there will be a fix in 24 days nevermind 24 hours

    • GhostView

      chill out..every piece of software or hardware eventually has an issue. nothing is perfect. you can update the ps3 manually using a thumb drive…an external hard drive…or even a sd card if you have a model that has a card reader. i do think it's pretty lame that there isn't a fix yet…or even a real update.

  • bscdb

    So no £20 gift voucher for the Playstation Store to compensate the inconvenience !? That would have been nice but I’m happy at least we are now getting info/updates from Sony. Actually managed to get things done today so not the end of the world being without my beloved PS3 today.

    • Rastas

      Hmm this is total voodoo man, all of ma ps3's have gan down, as think its dis ghost of de DEVIL XBOX CHILD, dis is big bad juju,
      first is de ylod thens de blue ray player,
      now i cant have de crack with ma ganga bro on de psn.. man as gawn back to ma ol lady she not as much fun as ma ganga bro but as gota do summit 🙁

    • Dan

      more like £20 for every day, lol.

      • kieran

        i think £20 for every hour psn doesnt work

  • ronnie thomson

    i think this is madness the amount of money the company makes and they cant even get someone to programme properly

    • it sucks mate. the faceless corporation stomps on the average guy again. not saying they wanted or even could forsee the problem, but they are quick enough to take our money.

  • Mike

    This would happen now that I'm getting into Heavy Rain. Oh well, back to the Xbox 360 and Mass Effect 2 until this is all sorted out.

  • luke

    im gutted bought heavy rain today switvh my ps3 on kaboom messages sayin in cant sign in and loss of my trophies so i dont think il be playin heavy rain today

    • kieran

      no big loss heavy rain sucks anyway lol

  • kieran

    oh shit.. back to runescape for the rest of the day.. lol

  • Billy

    thanks for the update alan as for what were doing were biting our nails and staring profusely at the ps3

  • shayne

    will e prblem deinatly be fixed for 2morow? need to get my ranks up on mw2!!!

    • afonso

      so do I man, so do I

      • Capn eg0

        Maybe you should take this time to learn how to type

  • joe

    im not tha pissed off theres a million and 1 things u could do instead ??

  • jay

    i never actually heared anything about this problem,so i have been messing around with my playstation,so now i cannot play any games because it comes up i have too much stuff on and i have too clear some from the hdd,of which i cannot will i be able to sort this problem out when it is sorted out.

  • Duncan Hughes

    Think about it! If you don't turn your ps3 on then you can't update it. They need to release an update to resolve this problem so at some point you will have to turn your PS3 on!

  • FR67

    last chance sony, our clan of 20 will be switching to xbox if these probs continue, took today off work with my mates to have a gameing day how pissed off are we, not happy, hope issues can be resolved before tonight so day isnt totally wasted…

  • shane

    when i load my mw2 game up it says 8001050f error i dont have my ps3 online so how could this of happened and how will it just fix itself with no internet to the ps3 are they magic can some one please let me no how this could of happened

    • DoubleD

      The issue has nothing at all to do with PSN. It's an internal issue with the consoles internal clock apparently. Your getting the error because MW2 utilizes sony's trophy system which in in turn utilizes said internal clock. Thus the game implodes and says "I can't work properly," giving you the error code. And the internet works just fine. On mine I can still use the web browser just not anything that has to go through PSN. So if a firmware update is needed you'll be able to download it because system updates don't come from PSN.

  • Adam

    so all u have to do is not turn ur playstation on for 24hrs?

    • some peson

      to hard for me lol

    • guest

      you're fuckin' dumb.

  • EzioAuditore

    if i loose my platinum trophys ill kill someone from sony by burying my ps3 in their forehead. ive never had any problems with my xbox on live or otherwise but plenty with my ps3 and this is the last straw

  • SS1Guy

    No MW2 for me today, lol.

  • andrew

    no theres nothing else I can do with my time ha i turned my ps3 on again this morning I hope that wasnt a bad idea this was before I read all the warnings. I really hope they can do something by tonight maybe cause im off tomorrow!!!

  • SaM-

    i think there hoping when the clock ticks over midnight into a new day/date the error will rectify its self and come out of the phantom date of ps3 calender know only as 29th feb 2010!