Sony PS3 (PSN) Downtime Update: Network error 8001050F causing data and trophy problems

By Alan Ng - Mar 1, 2010

Following our from our previous report, which told you about the global downtime of the Playstation Network for PS3 users, we are now hearing that the bug is causing further problems relating to game save data and your trophies.

PS3 owners are waking up to be greeted with the “An error has occurred. You have been signed out of PlayStation Network (8001050F)” message. Sony has stated on their Twitter account that they are fixing the problem and to stay tuned for further updates.

However, according to several gaming forums, users are reporting that the PSN bug has deleted some of their game saves as well as trophy achievements. A big problem for Sony if that indeed is the case.

As we stated earlier, PS3 owners are best advised to keep their PS3 systems off, until the bug has been fixed – especially since the problem is also affecting systems are that offline too.

For those that have already experienced this bug – has it affected your game data and/or trophies?

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  • yannick

    i can play every game i have all call of duty's rachet and clank oblivion everything but i can't get online AND IT SUCKS ALLOT I CAN'T POWN OTHER PEOPLE ONLINE HELP ME SONY AND PSN

  • ulrich9996

    hurry up, Sony people are starting to trade in there PS3's I mean you must be losing millions! i thought this would be no problem, i mean shouldn't you have a back up system?
    also, there are some PC games eg. supreme commander 2. and i though that game has to connection with the ps3, i recently bought it, and i need my PSN log in to log in, and its down!

    i understand that your doing all you can, but its pathetic that you don't have a back up system. now i understand where probably talking millions for a back up system, but your losing millions because you DON'T have a back up!

  • ajay

    getting pissed with sony 60gb upgraded to 120gb had ylod before had it reflowed an fixed and fully working played mw2 games crashes, like with other games
    Fifa 10
    civ revolution
    ractet and crank
    street fighter iv
    red dead redumtion
    gta iv

    in fact any games….so annoyng play for 10 mins then crashes!!

    error 08 105 summit message since then wireless stopped working have to connect by wired. thanks sony paid so far up to 700 quid on games,and system for a phat stack of shit that just crashes, throught the ylod was a problem fixed that now games just crash hasve tried safe mode refixing the system,

    nothing all this started when i updated the firmwere to 3.12 or whatever it is now!

    sucks thanks sony!!

  • Jack Sharman

    I can not Sign into my Psn account and I keep getting the error code 80710B23 but I am not sure if I have lost any game data or trophies. I just can't sing in. Please help, I love Playstation

  • fanboy

    this is why xbox 360 is better. no im not a fanboy and im sorry for the people who lost save……… rules!!!!!!!

  • Its funny how I'm the ONLY one who's PS3 wasn't affected I have the phat one.
    I play Star Ocean, still have trophies. Loading throphies is not a problem get no error. God/Jesus has thy holy magic on my PS3 so none of my stuff isn't effected. 😛

  • Bryce

    dont know if this is related to the bug or not but to me it seems too much of a coincidence this happened. On Feb 28th i start my ps3 as usual and proceeded to sign in to ps3, after several attempts i gave up for the day and occupied my time elsewhere. THE NEXT DAY i tried to turn on my ps3 and was greeted with the YLOD (Yellow Light Of Death) I am well aware of SOME of the problems that cause this including the thermal compound but it seemed to coincidental to me that this bug and my ps3 YLODing on the SAME day is just too much. I own a 80gb 1st gen system i bought in '06