PS3 PSN Error 8001050f: Will You Switch to Xbox 360?

By Jamie Pert - Mar 1, 2010

Today’s news has been dominated with the current PSN downtime which is affecting classic models, we have had lots of feedback from our readers, and it seems that a lot of customers are extremely frustrated with the lack of information from Sony.

Some of our readers are considering jumping ship to Microsoft’s Xbox 360, over the years there have been a few Xbox Live downtimes, however Microsoft has always made efforts to compensate their customers. Also when there has been downtime on Xbox Live there has usually been a message sent out beforehand warning of a scheduled maintenance.

Sony’s only real communication has come via their Twitter account, you would have thought with such a widespread problem they would perhaps notify customers on their official website.

In fairness Sony have now officially acknowledged the problem on their blog, however why have Sony not sent out a mass email to email address associated with PSN accounts, surely this would have been a bit of peace of mind to less knowledgeable gamers.

Do you think Sony’s communication has been adequate? If not, will you consider switching to the Xbox 360?

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  • As-if people would consider switching because of this, especially to a 360 considering their aweful track-records of problems! Questions like this are a pointless waste-of-time!

  • Brad

    I find all of this "will you switch to 360" talk to be absolutely hilarious. I went through 4 Xbox's in 3 years…I spent the equivalent of MONTHS without a console while i was waiting for repairs. I had to deal with RROD for 2 years in a row during Madden's release week. There's no way in a million years i would consider changing back to 360, ESPECIALLY over a little 24 hour technical glitch. I have a feeling anyone claiming to be mad enough to switch is just an Xbox 360 fanboy in disguise. What kind of moron would switch TO xbox when trying to avoid console failures? That would be like moving from the USA to Africa to try and avoid disease.

  • hasib

    who ever goes to xbox because of this is retarded! lol.. this thing only lasted about a couple of hours, stop crying

  • Bro

    I have the ps3,wii, and 360
    ps3 still my favorite out of them all
    switching to 360 over this little thing its pointless.

  • SaMuEl

    PS3 now working guys, are yours?!?!?

  • sam smith

    Jordan Crete: you can re-download your purchases man, it might take a while though, but you just need to go to you download history in the psn store [i think the link was in the top right corner near the basket icon].

    also the things you have purchased, on their icons the will have a small red shopping bag in the bottom left indicating that sony knows you have already paid for it.

  • Sam Smith

    I'm a bit wound up that sony is not letting us know what's going on, all I know is that they have found a bug in the internal clock that a lot of us figured out within the first 30 mins of the error, but if their quiet they must be busy. No way would I go as far a switching to xbox, I'd rather have a sega saturn, why do these reporter always try stir up some chaos? I bet he's an xbox fanboy, ready to report back to microsoft lol

    I'm pretty down because I had a day off today and all, but these sort of things happen I guess, hopefully we'll be back on tomorrow.

    Just slap a film on or some music guys and wait it out.

    adam: My brother has had 4 xboxes all epic fails [RROD], microsoft have raped him of at least £2500 and He's finally switched for the slim ps3 [the lucky git, He's on COD at the moment winding me up].

    I think most people are kicking up a fuss to rush sony into fixing this.

  • Luke

    PSN is now working, F**** 360 lol

  • SaM-


  • If anything, I know more people flocking to the PS3 over the past 2 years than people going to the 360. Even with this minor problem, after all, it can only be fixed, I won't have to return my console to the shop or anything so dramatic, I will not be being so rash as to abandon the PS3.

    If anything, I can bide my time on the wii…

  • SaM-

    no one even think about changing, my system was eating this error all day long,

    NO LIE

  • low
  • gary

    I bought my PS3 so i could run it as a computer as well by installing a larger hard drive and installing linux on it. Turned out it was too crippled to run most (MAME) games at a decent frame rate I simply removed the new drive and stuck the old one back in. There is a real lack of retro games (or any games) on psn, I bought an xbox elite yesterday (wasnt aware of this prob at the time btw) and was blown away, nicer controllers and a massive selection of old school games 🙂 and the real plus for me is the sky player (must be about 500+ films) and the quality is as good as virginmedia…..*very* impressed. Having now both I would say the online aspect of the xbox blows psn away, *but* I would also miss the awesome quality of blu-ray on the ps3. A days downtime is nothing in the bigger scheme of things tbh.

  • DravenX

    There were people @ a Gamestop returning there ps3's, there was a giant uproar. 10+ in store and more outside. 1 dude smashed his by the store!!!!

  • Richard

    remember when the headline would read: " Playstation Network Down. Nobody Noticed"

  • miniclips

    everyone, the down time is said to be caused by a bug in the clock. The save files and other information will stay. Trophies, will however, will be deleted. If you syned the trophies it won;t make a difference. All unsynced trophies will be lost.

  • Luke

    Dont be silly

  • ADAM

    I have a 360 and PS3 and to be honest, I would not be surprised if this is isn't the last BIG problem on the cheap and shoddy PSN.

    People complain about paying for XBL, but it's worth every penny, and you pay for what you get.

  • jezmund

    the single most ridiculous bone head article about gaming i have ever read. 'switch to 360'? oh, i wonder who wrote this article… hmm do they happen to bum microsoft a little bit?

    switch from a future proof, efficient and high quality piece of kit to a shoddy, expired piece of crap just because of 24 hrs? lol. i honestly couldn't give a flying one about trophies etc anyway to be honest.

  • sotalpop samot

    ur a towel

  • Jordan Crete

    u guys back sony up as i do.. but its not the downtime im worried about im worried that i might lose data and money i have paid for stuff that is all now corrupted i dont wanna lose my stuff downtime is downtime sheet happens, thats my problem but sony ill back you up over xbox anyday 🙂

  • KoOlJiZzLe9797

    seriously you people are treating it like a clan saying how they are traters u nobs lol

  • mre10

    i can still play games, if not online, and losing trophy's just gives you the chance to play a good game again. if you dont pay dont complain, before you know it they'll be charging for psn under the guise of it being a solution to situations like this. no offence to xbox i've never had one but buying the title doesn't make you the champion, sony have, and i believe always will, advance further than others in the field of consoles, in 5 years xbox will be a complete gaming pc, not a console with additonal abilities, i have a pc, i dont need another

  • Fail Blog

    Lmao!, this topic is totaly useless.

    Another topic.

    Xbox Live crashes on Chrismas for last 3 years running, will you buy a PS3.

    My Xbox 360 has RROD 10 times, will you buy a PS3

  • Russ Oakham

    Ever stubbed a toe, spilt a drink, caught your flies?
    The playstation 3 has been out for a number of years now and this is the first real large scale issue that has occured and in all honesty thats the thing that is more surprising. A high-tech piece of kit that has had many different generations and varients, has to run a variety of different programs aswell as connect with the internet for gaming aswell as networking etc. I'm quite amazed that one typo in the millions on lines of code involved in running the machine hasn't caused any sort of similar travesty already.

    I'm sure i've stubbed my toe a fair few times more than sony have messed up coding to this scale. To suddenly up sticks in a some sort of techno-revolution and declare the past however many years of reliable gaming null and void because PSN is down for 24 hours realy is overdramatising it a bit.

    And the question is largely superfluous, if a gamer had the money to part exchange his PS3 into a shop for an xbox, then go about buying all the various accessories needed (charge kits, extra controller), and rebuild his games library all in a short period of time…he would have probably already spent the money on buying an xbox and a few games anyway. (I have both)

    • Gk15

      Good point.

      I have a 360 but if I had a PS3 I wouldn't care about 1 or even 2 days of downtime. And it is surprising that this is the 1st major glitch in over 3 years for the PS3. I guess writers just need something to write about. I have reasons for not having a PS3, this isn't one of them.

  • Do-Ryu

    Seriously? If people are seriously getting so worked up that they need to explicity think they are considering switching as a life choice, it's clear that both x-box and psn should be shut down for a week just so all who are sane can laugh at those who are not. I love my playstation and am pumped for FFXIII but really it's not that big of a deal, people need to revisit their old friend the outter world.

  • Lil Wayne

    WTF no never
    Its ok hopefully Sony will fix it coz i love ps3

  • Rav—

    i love my PS3
    like the rest of the ppl i dont like the down time. I found away to fix my ps3 its a pain in the ass you need to take the thing apart dont try to fix yours wait for sony they will send somekind of an update.
    for you ppl jumping ship and going over to x-box good luck ps3 players dont need ppl like you around anyways

    • Ant

      Please enlighten me , i would like to know how u fix it. Even if i have to open it up.

      • Rav—

        open the ps3 take it down to the motherboard theres a battery pack about the size of a quater 2 wires red black unplug them sign into the PSN turn system off plug wires back in reassemble PS3 set your time and date you should be able to log onto youer PSN….
        only reason i done this is someone gave me a ps3 with a bad drive i was out no money and i dont use this PS3 at ALL PLEASE WAIT TO TRY THIS IF SONY FIXS THE PROBLEM DOING THIS MIGHT MAKE MORE PROBLEMS FOR YOU….
        IM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE YOU DO TO YOUR SELF OF YOUR PS3!!!! good luck if you try this and it works great if not dont come back bitching at me ty good buy

  • dom

    well i have just brought an xbox elite anyhow why the hell not get rid of it there getin craper by the day

  • anon

    Microsoft has cost me approximately $2400 from the original Xbox in actual damages (which I don’t feel like travelling to WA to sue them for). For this reason, I have not purchased a Microsoft product in 6 years. Unless and until Sony costs me that much in out-of-warranty repairs for my 60Gb PS3 (and the bill is up to $510), I won’t be purchasing the Xbox360.

  • Wayne O'connor

    Why would you consider switching to a different console just because of one day worth of downtime? Are you people feeling alright???

  • dave

    im not sure cuz i like ps3 but wat has happened is just absoloutly pathetic ive lost my fifa 10 trophies might not be able to play it again

  • Mark Urso-Cale

    Why, oh why, would you move to a new console, buy all your games again, and have the expense of that, for 1 DAY downtime?!? Yes, I'm frustrated, i don't play as much as I used to, job, home, commitments etc, and yes, I'm annoyed, but I have a number of friends on their 2nd or 3rd XBOX, and I'm on my first 60GB PS3, that I've had over 2 years of issue free gaming on. It'd be great if it was fixed now, but I'll just leave it a few days till it is sorted, just please hurry Sony! :o)

  • Imran Khan

    lol… ridicules topic/ question.

  • ali

    Ohfor god's sake, seriously? People are considering switching to a different console because of ONE DAY of downtime? If PC owners thought like that, it could get rather expensive! Suffice to say, I won't be switching any time soon – I'd rather have one day's downtime than three RROD XBoxes.ah

  • Adam Marks

    Oh for god's sake, seriously? People are considering switching to a different console because of ONE DAY of downtime? If PC owners thought like that, it could get rather expensive! Suffice to say, I won't be switching any time soon – I'd rather have one day's downtime than three RROD XBoxes.

    • pipsqueak


    • Tomas Poplatos

      It's sooo frustrating, as i never look at the news b4 turning my ps3 on! so i assumed it was just mine and must of switched it on and off about ten times b4 i searched it on google!, hhhmmm How much damage to my ps3 would that do…. :S

    • Tomas Poplatos

      It's sooo frustrating, as i never look at the news b4 turning my ps3 on! so i assumed it was just mine and must of switched it on and off about ten times b4 i searched it on google!, hhhmmm How much damage to my ps3 would that do…. :S

    • Maven

      Yeah, how's your "ONE DAY." I'm gaming while you are thumbing your asshole. You get what you pay for. I have both PS3 and XBOX360 and I get booted off COD about 4 times whenever I play, and I play about for 2 hours. I play on XBOX and never get booted. PSN fucking sucks. Sony has lost millions due to this attack. You really think the PSN will be free for much longer, or at all when it comes back? Fools. Go ahead and wait, let's see how many of you cheap asses will game online after you have to pay for service.

  • jhfhj

    what will sont computer entertainment do to the problem? and when will it be solved??????!!!!!!

    • Christophoros Joseph

      is anybody else has the problem when u cant even play ur games OFFLINE?? this is very frustrting…. is this a virus????

  • Guest

    nope, i have a Xbox 360 and am tired of paying for Xbox live gold. I am aware its only $50 a year but PSN is as good or better, I will never pay for Xbox live gold again, therefore wont buy another Xbox Game because i cannot play online with it.

    This PSN down time is worth the wait. Its better than paying the $50 a year for a service that is free on PSN. if it took a month to fix i am still happy with this.

    No one who owns a PS3 would want to switch for this minor problem, Who wants to pay $50 a year when you can get it free on PSN and the service is the same. 99% of the people would never buy an Xbox live gold membership if online play was free. PSN is just as good.

    I used to be a xbox live fan, but using the PSN i have seen the error of my ways. Xbox live gold is just a cash cow. PSN is just as good. I know sony will fix this problem soon, its free so worth the wait.

    • matt

      What are you on about. OK granted you have web browser awesome. Your facebook is rubbish, you have no twitter, sky, last fm, you have way more conection interuptions, not such a wide range of arcade and indie games, you have little exclusive DLC acsess, no game room, no 1vs100, no equivalent of inside xbox, your store just doesn't compare to the marketplace in content and in ease of use etc etc.

    • JOSHstkTEAM

      well for one you can't play offline games even tho you are not online,so this isnt' just a minor problem.

    • GK15

      Spoken like a true PS fanboy

  • Abes

    im still ot on the server…SONY needs to fix everyon's errror ASAP!
    Come On! Why cant they tell us what is going on (Not the time and date excuse)<– that has nothing to do with online play

  • charlie

    Naaa dude i wont bother with buying a new console i have learned with the ps3 you patients and all will go right but to be honnest with the lack of communication there busy trying to fix this but im still confused on how they managed to let a bug go through and its only the time settings!! i we all have to wait and see.