PS3 Playstation Network: Sony UK issue statement on 8001050F error problem

By Alan Ng - Mar 1, 2010

While we are yet to hear directly from SCEA regarding the global problems involving their Playstation 3 console, we have had an official update from a figure within Sony’s UK team.

Such is the enormity of this problem, it has even started to hit major news stations around the world, as Sony UK’s David Wilson made the following statement to Sky News.

Regarding the PS3 lockdown, Wilson stated: “We’re working flat-out to fix the problem. We’ve got guys here working on things and our Japanese team have been working through the night to get this sorted.”

Heres the important part though: He goes on to say that affected PS3 users can still access offline play” or ”other functionality that doesn’t require network access.”

However, as far as we’re aware, most of you have been telling us that your games are not working in offline mode either.

We’ll keep you updated when we hear more.

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  • ps3fan

    i heard a guy hacked the ps3 company and so they put everyone offline to try find out who is hacking them

  • josh

    yea this happened to me yesterday and i thought that it was just our ps3 so i saved some things on to my flash drive and formatted it and after that i went on to my wii and figured it wasn’t just our network lol hopefully everything will go back to normal so i can see if i didn’t accidentally erase my cod modern warfare online profile

  • SLEEPER-74 fae scotland

    since 2am 1/3/2010 i can’t sign in to playstation 3 network i have lost my zombies packs & call of duty world at war is not even on my trophy screen i hope i get them back i no sony has said that the problem will be fixed on the 2/3/2010 cheers sony

  • ben

    network settings, then disable internet connection and media server connection then you can play offline

  • Manveer

    I've never commented on anything

  • Cribbo

    That Uk Statement is false as Ive tried to play assasins Creed 2 and COD4 off line and they just kick you out of the game.

  • Magik77

    u know what pisses me of big time? its not the fact of this bug but the fact that sony doesnt updates us about the progress they are making to fix this bug and whats gonna happen to trophies i have earned and now they gone , i spent so much time time on heavy rain 2 more trophies to platinium and now they gone, how they gonna restore them , will we be compensate some how , or if its permament will i got ps3 slim for free ?i think now they reputation is goind down the hill big time , they drop a udge ball on themself, after this so many ppl gonna get an xbox , they are loosing big time ,

  • BedRock_Lol_

    Why the fuk aint it working i would of been level 35 on Call of Duty ModernWarfare 2 why this day why not on some christmas day or something when someone is enjoying there holidays fuk sakes

    My username is BedRock_Lol_ on ps3 add me guys =]

  • Bill Gates

    This was bound to happen, Sony could not keep their system on par with Microsoft's Elite modern marvel we like to call the 360.

    • Michael Owen


  • r baxter

    i think this is ploy to make people aware that sony have upkeep costs and will use this to justify charging us for online access we are about to get conned
    i should have bought the cheaper x box with the online fee rather than the expensive ps3 with the soon to be fee, sorry to be the prophet of doom folks

  • Blaggers123

    Instead of "thinking" about charging for PSN maybe the boys at Sony should start "thinking" how to fix this mess. So for those in the know, ps3 slims are working, the phat ones arn't, however I can still access the internet through the ps3 "phat" except for PSN related stuff, which lets face it is almost everything!



  • sam

    get a grip stop moaning-sony gives you free online accsess and you lot still moan-sony will fix this-

  • CASE

    Thank you James T i couldnt think what to do but football manager sounds good enough i spose

  • generalmishap

    Wow. Everyone needs to chill and read a book for a night or two. Its bound to be fixed soon enough. No need to have an embolism in the mean time.

  • daz scott

    my sons ps3 wont work on line however I am using mine both on and off line. my son can play a game which has not got trophies and this is working fine.

  • Matt

    my house mates playing away online right now… but my ps3 has the same problem as all yours -.-

  • Leenus101

    what the hell is goin on :S this is really taking the piss i play online everyday ! and all of a sudden i cant 🙁 please get it fixed!

  • Effan

    This is absolutely Ridiculous … I was very much looking to play a series of games with my best friend Fadi … its his birthday today and I was going to give him a hiding on FIFA 2010 … lucky escape for him. … but I do not expect this from a major global player such as Sony. I am going to sell all my Sony shares … this is ridiculous ! I should ditch this and buy an Xbox from Microsoft !

  • vicki2706

    sony clearly knew about this problem cos it's not effecting the slimline my boyfriend has been in a foul mood all day…..damn u psn

  • Kallumhirst

    This error is doing my head in I can’t figure it out I am starting to think I should of got an xbox

    • sidneyturner

      xbox had a problem like this not too long ago.At least while ur waiting you can watch a Blu Ray film lol

    • How dare you say those words

    • ICU

      Yeah…so you could get the red circle of death…nothing is perfect…I really hope it is fixed soon! I am going through withdrawal!

  • Ross Wilson

    tell sony to get it sorted, they need to know that even if you disable our connectivity we CANNOT i repeat CANNOT play OFFLINE.

    • bob

      we can play offline im playing midnight club

      • bob

        i went a got godfather2 and guess what its jus gonna collect dust until sony sort it ,,,,,, hurrrry dust no good for game cases

  • rob

    my big ps3 works all around…i just cant play online…psn says signed out…and gives me the error

  • michael

    just changed my date and time settings not knowing what prob was should I just leave it and turn ps3 off??

    • jaro

      well hope not ive done the same!!lol

    • james

      i did same too but it hasnt effected it

  • Joe

    its stupid, what the hell wont let me sign in or play games iether offline " trophie sync stuff" bullshit!

  • Nathan charman

    They say that you can still play offline , however when i go to do this it has an error message relating to my trophies ?

  • gav

    this is absolutly shocking i play ps3 every day and i expect it to work but now all of a sudden it stops keep me updayed i very very mad

    • tommy wright

      i agree with you it shocking

  • whn wii it be fixed

  • SONY
  • chris

    cant use any games offline because they wont save we cant earn any trophies whats the point?

  • Arwen

    Any game that has trophies is not working, as the trophies cannot sync with the server….
    An e-mail or something offical on the PS3 website would be nice tho….

    • Jimbob

      If you disable your network connection in the setting menu you should be able to play any offline game. As the PS3 will not bother to even attempt a connection.

    • callum

      i know what the fuk is this all about i want to go back on cod 6,,5,4 mun if you want to add me my name is REAPER-OF-NOOBS thanx if you add me i know titles and emlin hack for you to m8

    • Jamie

      I have used my ps3 nearly everyday while the server has been down and still i can play my games offline. I was just playing mw2 just 5 mins ago… alot of people have been saying if you have a 80 gig + you are ok aswell as the slim line, anything under and it will effect it, however people have been saying there is a fault with the internal clock on different sized memory regardless if it is 80+ or not so who knows what to believe. I just wish sony would give us all a bit more info about what the hell is going on with it all and when it will be working again. i however am not experiencing any problems playing offline, im just sick of waiting for the bloody server to get back online.

  • jaro

    the slimline version isnt affected by this problem!!its just the phat ones!!is it a ploy to get sll us phat gammers to go thin!??Mmmmmm.

  • James T

    Right that's it. Football Manager!

  • Gamers do not work offline; Most do not. Your trophy system is amazing, maybe we can have a platinum Trophy for waiting out the ApocolyPS3 bug? xD