PlayStation Network Error: Will PS3 problems be fixed remotely?

By Jamie Pert - Mar 1, 2010

In our recent poll we asked our readers whether they would purchase a PS3 Slim due to the recent PSN problems, at the time of this post 94% of our readers say that they would not buy a PS3 Slim as a result of the downtime, however in my opinion there is now a more important question.

This question is “Will this problem be remotely fixable?”, this is a great question because if the answer is no it could perhaps result in the biggest-ever console recall (even the RROD).

If Sony cannot communicate with their classic PS3s there is no way for them to remotely apply an update, this means that Sony need ‘direct contact’ with your console, which would mean that consoles would have to be recalled.

This could become quite interesting as Sony could take one of two stances, they could argue that the classic consoles are now out of warranty, therefore they are not responsible for software problems, however if they took this stance I think this would be ‘suicide’.

Chances are if they cannot resolve the issue remotely they will arrange a free collection of affected models, this would be an annoyance for console owners and would be a huge expense for Sony, however I’m sure this will be more popular than having to buy a PS3 Slim.

If the software problem is to do with the leap year how comes we have been affected on a year that is not a leap year, also how comes all other years (even 2008 which is a leap year) the PS3 has been fine, and is it more than a co-incidence that the PS3 Slim is not affected, What do you think?

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  • sally

    y r my trophies being reseted

  • qwww

    i a gettin a xbox 360

  • toutr

    I got the fat ps3 and offline mw2 for me works but not olie so I don’t really get what u guys are anoyed about and wheb will online work!

  • karim

    soo it will work

  • jim

    i heard that sony said its coming back on 3rd may

  • xJAMIEx

    Ok The ps3 slim aint working either, but i think it will be up on may the third 🙂 bye

  • Jxjdjdowkckc

    I downloaded an update for Killzone 3 yesterday, updates work fine, it has online access, but psn isnt working. It should have arrived to Europe in TUESDAY!!! Still nothing

  • Eatme nomnomnom

    Screw ps4 in ditching sony and going to x box

  • Anonymous

    u can still go on netflix. when it asks to sign in, try signing in. it will come w/ the under maintenance notice. press the red circle button then. it will come up again but u will be able to see the menu behind the sign in. sign in, notice will come , press red circle button. Voila, u should now be able to watch netflix. if not working i dunno y it ain't working .
    p.s. if u need to play cod all the time to pleasure urself then ur a fail.
    p.s.s i did this on wii. my cpu broke and didnt wanna do on ps3.
    p.s.s.s. the internet works on ps3 so watch a movie on it

  • busy beee 3

    can u hurry up and fix it i am ssoooooooooooooooo booooorrd ={

  • joe

    Getting an XBOX tomorrow if this isn't fixed for real!

  • ismael

    well next paychek will be xbox 360 everyone should do the same

  • noamax2

    I`m not worried about my offline. its my online I just got Acsension for COD black opps if they dont get it fixed by april 30.If they dont ill shove my ps3 up sonys ass.

  • DoesThisGunWork

    i doubt they will have it fixed for another 4-6 days… sony needs to up there game and stop this from happening and the hackers that did this need to get a life…

  • DoesThisGunWork

    i did not buy my ps3 to be told that i shouldnt use it this is bole shit… if this doesnt get fixed i want my money back and im getting a 360…

  • jordan

    my playstation network hasent worked in 4 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jeremy

    im a huge call of duty player and right now i am very very mad because i cannot play online.and for once i actually said i am tired of the ps3 and i wish i had an xbox right now

  • owain

    just bought mw2 and i find out i can play it Hurry up sony !!!


    I have slim ps3 and it wont work. Is there something wrong with my ps3????????????

    • Anonymous

      no man same for me here. i have 250 gig

  • Evan

    @ Jamie Pert

    First off sony said it recognized 2010 as a leap year which 2010 is not. So I don't see how saying 2008 was a leap year and the ps3 worked fine is relevant at all.

    For two you are trying to do your job and get people interested but sony wouldn't commit suicide by trying to get everyone to buy slims. It is only coincidence. The ps3 slims have been reworked while the older ps3's haven't been changed much besides backwards compatability.

    The problem is that when the internal clock has different numbers then the psn network it produces an error. If that error is not fixable by an update then it signs you out. However being that the older ps3 is yelling at the psn network saying it is right and the psn network is yelling back at the ps3 saying it's retarded there is bound to be some issues.

  • just about any other reviewer. Many find their ways to the ranks of the recommended, and this report isn’t very critical. Although testing is comprehensive

  • yortytorty

    Dont even think like that it a dark and scary and red ringed death on the ****360 side.
    (hehe I stared out xbox)

  • Drow

    PROBLEM FIXED, I am online Woo Hooo! See patience & faith, still think it took too long.

  • Drow

    With the machine being unable to be used as a standalone unit will make them fix it.

    I have faith that they will fix it, no inside tract, so I hope they don't not make my faith misplaced. Every company has problems it is how they handle those problems that makes them trustworthy and repsectable for future purchases by the public..

    For those that say XBox is the better console; I can not state whether that is true or false as that is an opinion. I have both. The cost difference for PS3 vs XBox 360 is vast per what each machine will due. So I am not going to tell you one or the other is better just simply XBox has the same disconnect and server issues but has a monthly cost to it. In my experience with both machines they are the same in dis-function but one costs to play on line each month and one does not. As for the machine itself it is very easy to see that the PS3 is the more complete unit for the money. As you add the add-ons for XBox to meet the same usability of the PS3 XBox cost far more than the PS3 – But you may not want all the additional functions PS3 has over the XBox so it is really about what the consumer wants out of their unit. Both companies have the same types issues just at different times. The cost comparison is not even close, PS3 wins hands down again based on the fullest level of features and functionality. Again my opinion based on facts.

    As far as the update to fix the problem goes there are many ways to do it via the internet connection as this current problem is not the Inet connection it is the PS network. A mailed CD would be a last result and a recall is not going to happen as it is not needed. The machine is capable of being updated as it is. Just a shot in the dark for a resolution last resort before the CD option would be that when you try to reconnect to the PSN it would state how to obtain the download oand fix. It could go through the machine via internet connection alone without having to log into the PSN. So many ways to do it so please be patiant as I am not LOL.

    So to close, they will fix it – matter of time – and that matter of time is going to affect their sales in the future. That can not be avoided at this point – beyond 24hr fix. And for those who want to tell us to calm down – nice try. For those saying buy a newer slim line unit – really! If they have this problem with the older units what happens when the slim line unit is the older unit; are you going to have the same meaningless statement! See complaints are productive – telling people to calm down is a power trip and we don't need your personal issues we need a responsible company with a "stand behind our product approach and behavior" with a timely fix.

    I still have faith and I like both machines for different reasons and I apologize for hijacking the post here and my rant as it seems after proof reading that is what I am doing, LOL.. Just thought we all needed a bit more info to help ease our minds.

  • Drow

    I have read all the posts on here. First I can say PSN will fix the problem, suicide is not an option therefore they will fix it. The reason I say and know this is because the last thing Sony PS will do is commit suicide by way of $$$$$'s. If they did not fix it a class action would be filed and won as well as other individual suits in many countries.

    As for the ones stating that this is not a big deal and to calm down – I say to you that you are not the worlds moderators. $500 plus internet costs (PSN being free), games cost and the issue being that the users can not play the machine offline makes it a huge deal. Warranty or not the company markets and sells the machine as a single player and multiplayer (standalone) unit as well as online play, if the problem is not fixed they will loose everything – suicide. There are many legal issues here and all the users here are stating is that with the costs and the profits for the company anything more than a 24hr outage is unacceptable. We are not talking about a game developer for a game of $60 or less. We are talking about the machine and its implied service and game play. So I say keep stating your concerns and complaints as if we did not then Sony would certainly not fix it.

    Cost for Sony & their PS systems is not the consumers responsibility it is the company's. The sell it under these terms and therefor they are liable in the US, not sure about other countries. Therefore they will fix it – just a matter of time. That is the real issue here. A company this size should not have the problem to begin with but problems happen in life and you, we, all make due. A fix beyound 24 hrs will in fact have a lasting effect on Sony PS sales as well as all thier other machines and applications. They should have had some foresight into this potential problem. See good companies do future progressive problem research on thier own. That is how companies evade actually having the problem in the first place – lazy!

    As for the slim line not being affected, that is Sony PS's statement, and people stating that is due to updated components – Stupid! need I say more. The components are not the issue and can not be the issue. I know there will be some smart person saying I don't know what I am talking about and that's fine, they would be wrong. It is software (firmware) based. There are differences between the firmware and software updates between the older units and the new slim units. When you get an update from them it knows which machine is which and which update to DL & install. There may in fact be different components in the machines but they still function in the same way.

  • bobby

    Im really scared right now. Yesterday I played my ps3 and while i was playin gta4 I found that i was sighned out of play station network, but teh game still worked fine. what will happen now. is my ps3 done? will it never work again?

    • lee

      whens this goin on this is terrible man

    • low

      fucking retarded… logged on lastnight, its my holiday for god sakess.. what am i supposed to do.. sit and watch crappy repeats of top gear for the rest of my life, these crap next gen consoles need to sort themselves out.. with endless lagg and server problems people get annoyed.. not to mention the amount of disruption this event has caused, i had a clan event today, determining weather we entered the top 100 in world rankings, all is hopeless nowadays.

    • Mitch

      People need to calm down. I know people who are on their 6th 360. Some people can't access the PSN for a day or two and you'd think the world had ended.

      Am I worried that the fix won't be easy? Yes. Am I going to freak out and act like an idiot? Hell NO!

      Here's hoping for an easy fix.

    • Diogo

      man i just fcking got dantes inferno and i cnt play it now bs…

    • sony = fags

      cos the dorks at sony decided to rope everything into the online . not impressed

      i thought sony were the bollocks , turns out they are just bollocks .

    • Gamerdude

      Wen will psn b back on I have online only games like socom confrontation and I can't play like WTF! But I can play my 2k10 juss fine

    • james

      hahaa noo you dont wish you had an xbox.
      worried about losing what prestige are you im 9? add me if you dont belive
      shilton1 x 🙂

    • james

      When does everyone thinkk it will work again?

    • jay

      i can see my ps3 getn launched straight through the window of my nearest sony shop if it not sorted by 12pm some birthday i got from sony iam leap year 29/02/1984 yea **** you too sony u dumb twats.

    • the world

      okay real talk for all – this problem is really messed up for all.
      people are mad and people are calm. the fact is simple if they can fix it they need to pick up the phones no matter how many calls they get and let the world now what going on.
      world-wide of course thousands is gonna be upset some people might run in sony with a gun or something this is the world people get it right things happen and things happen. hopefully they will fix it but for people to tell other to calm down is right, they have the right to be mad. it's their money they spent. Sony should sold things that breaks network free or not. BIG QUESTION: what if people start saying they want they money back – then what?

    • c0ckt3ase

      IM FUKIN FREAKIN DUDE i cant just watch tv thats so last year…playsation's not really explaining anything to us either

    • c0ckt3ase

      IM FUKIN FREAKIN DUDE i cant just watch tv thats so last year…playsation's not really explaining anything to us either

    • matt

      I might as well have a shoebox standing next to my tv – none of my games work, even offline. Sony should have checked for these problems years ago before the PS3 even launched. Ive always hated the trophies and now it seems they have been part of the downfall of the PS3. Its ridiculous that we cant even play games offline because of a network issue. Im seriously considering getting an Xbox 360 instead.

    • vic

      if i lose my MW2 guns and rank i might have to kill someone1!!!!!!!!

      • sean


    • Craig

      Same, devastated lol

    • vic

      if i lose my MW2 guns and rank i might have to kill someone!!!!!!!!

    • SjoerdJonge

      its the first day wtf chill out fags get a life and w8 a fucking day……

    • Louis D'Amico

      i really hate saying this.. but right now.. i wish i had an xbox…

    • wow…..i cnt play mw2 the world is coming to an end

    • james

      aint it fukin dicks does anyone knoww when thee ps3'ss gona be back working?
      im prestige 9 on codd and i wanna fuck my mate over on a 1v1 quickscope noscopee so does anyone know? pleasee x

    • Mike

      like wat the **** is this..
      I understand them having problems onnline..
      But i cant even play games offline!
      What the **** is this $hit

    • Bill Gates

      Xbox FTW??

    • jhfhj

      will we get a refund if the problem is not fixed

      • james

        Yes you will get a refund.

    • jhfhj

      how come da playstation slim is not affected and WHEN IS THIS PROBLEM GOING TO BE SOLVED???

    • anthony

      i WILL buy an xbox if they dont fix this..i cant believe ps3 actaully made a statment about the warantee being over and customers might have to pay for this..yea ok idiots.. .ur gunna lose so much business …i feel like we are getting scammed by sony

      • Bro

        xbox scams you more bro

      • bobby

        me too dude. I mean im really worried about this.

    • Mike

      Darn it, this would happen right after I bought Heavy Rain. Oh well, back to Xbox 360 and Mass Effect 2 until this gets sorted out.

    • IgotChaNow

      yes u got an update!!!

    • Eric

      Hopefully we wont have a "hideo input error" 😀 Sorry, couldnt resist. I have been toying around with my PS3 today and the sound is degraded every few power ups. I dont use the PSN much at all but most of my offline games work fine. My issue is not being able to use Netflix streaming disk. I'm sure this company will be chiming in shortly as well.

    • Lynsey23

      Should of all bought an Xbox360! xx

      • Bro

        go pay 100+ to just get wireless net on there
        nice move buddy.

    • karl

      anyone had an update

    • Ryan

      Everyone chill out! I have a broken leg and the ps3 was my only salvation! I'm playing GTA: San Andreas it still works on ps3! I forgot how good the game was Im having more fun then all of you people ! mwahaha

      • arsene wenger

        Is that aaron ramsey?

        • jessie3

          well im playing black ops zombies solo and gor to level 56 so i had good fun all day

    • ALiG-PK47

      i got the 80gb and its works fine

    • 7mood75

      Did everybody forget about storage media we can download the update off their website and install it on the ps3

    • CASE

      by the way i just heard that sony have said it will be fixed TODAY? anyone know if thats true?

    • CASE

      i carnt believe this had just started my fifa ultimate team last night and have been looking forward to playing all day just got in from work and carnt play atall! playstation networks seems to be pretty poor to be honest, the amount of times things go wrong to stop you being able to play online is ridiculous!

    • Paul

      1. You can download an update from sony via a pc and use a usb disk to supply the update so it won't cost Sony anything to provide the fix even if they can't connect.

      2. PS3 / netflix instant movies will work if you just manually set the ps3 system date and time.

    • Paul

      1. You can download an update from sony via a pc and use a usb disk to supply the update so it won't cost Sony anything to provide the fix even if they can't connect.

      2. Users of PS3 and Netflix instant movies can watch the movies if they manually update the system date and time on the PS3. No on line gaming but at least you can watch some movies.

    • galleypirate420

      this sucks …i'm off today and am stuck watching canda beat the us again in hockey ive seen this game 3 times already. i need my mw2 so sony-please get this stuff fixed or im gonna kill myself

      • IgotChaNow

        You should kill yourself if it matters that much u ******* bum! get a life stupid ***

      • obvmf

        y r my trophies being reseted wtf

    • Leigh

      I spoke to the PS customer helpline this morning, and they told me that Sony have been informed and are working on this.
      They say it will hopefully be sorted by tomorrow.


      • Craig

        When I spoke to them this afternoon, they said that it would be fixed by this evening.. It hasn't! I doubt it will be fixed by tomorrow either…

    • Rich

      'If Sony cannot communicate with their classic PS3s there is no way for them to remotely apply an update' I'm afraid Jamie you're statement is wrong. You can update remotely by downloading an update from the Playstation site onto a usb memory stick and then use that to upload to your PS3. This method is commonly used by people who are upgrading their HDD to upload the latest Firmware update.

      • andrew

        thats what i was thinking they should do too.

    • Roger

      Yeah this is kinda messed up. I would love to watch my netflix or play my modern warfare 2 but I cant do either. Get this shit fixed now. I didn't pay all thais money for playstation network to go down.

      • JJ smith

        you can still watch netflix thats what im doing right now when it says sign in just do it and then it will put u in to netflix

    • JOSE




    • Vlad

      If network patching wouldn't work, but Sony can load firmware patch via media other than network, they can simply send out a patch disk to all who asks. This will be faster than recall and will be relatively cheap.

      • Jamie Pert

        yes I agree this could be a better way of sorting the problem

    • DEAN

      i am very dissapointed in ps3, when i had a day of last week i was told i was on my last warning for sickness, so you can imagine my discuss wen i woke up to have a sicky and play my ps3 online all day, to find out that not only can i not play online i can not play ofline eather, so aswell as losing my ps3 i have probably lost my 1300 pound a week job. . .

      FUCKIN BOLLOCKS……………………………

      • smiffy

        sorry dean but if uv had that maany days off sick i would of sacked u a long time ago.i wish i never got rid of my xbox.ps3 is the lesser console

      • RichN

        That's your own fault you lazy sod.

      • 8001050fuk you

        1300 a week and u cant fukn spell.awrite for u money bags jst buy urself a slimline twatface!always cums in threes so ur wife will prob wake up and decide to file a divorce tuff wj 4 u m8! ps gone job gone wife gone u may aswell jump m8.

    • DEAN

      i am very dissapointed in ps3, when i had a day of last week i was told i was on my last warning for sickness, so you can imagine my discuss wen i woke up to have a sicky and play my ps3 online all day, to find out that not only can i not play online i can not play ofline eather, so aswell as losing my ps3 i have probably lost my 1300 pound a week job. . .

      FUCKIN BOLLOCKS……………………………

      • Tannman129

        Do you not know how to keep a job? Seriously…

    • choney

      fifa 10 doesnt work…even in offline mode….so it is an issue!!!!

      • NADFH


    • This is infact untrue, I downloaded a Playstation Home update today. Which I needed to use playstation home, on my fat PS3.

      Which concludes, that the service does work, it's just parts of software that are the problem, which require an update, such as connecting to your online user profile, sync'ing trophies, and playing games. Connecting to other servers which revolve around playing multiplayer, such as EA servers.

      This is an update, they will still work, as I explained I downloaded an update today, and it was fine.
      The rest of the PS3 works functions, just you cannot play games, the browser works, BBC iPlayer works.

      This isn't going to be an issue, stop speculating things for attention in crazy proportion. Although its a good point, I need to put peoples minds straight, and tell them this isn't the issue at all.

      • Maharg Selttek

        It is an issue, that is the challenge!

      • Meca

        my games work just not online 🙁