Motorola CLIQ: Did the 1.3.18 OTA update brick your phone?

By Alan Ng - Mar 1, 2010

Some slightly worrying news to report to owners of the Motorola CLIQ handset now, as we are hearing numerous reports that a recent OTA update that went live, has actually caused the phone more harm than good.

As reported from BGR, update v1.3.18 for the CLIQ went live last week, and has now caused users problems relating to MOTOBLUR, crashes within SMS messaging, the virtual keyboard, connecting to Bluetooth and more.

As of yet, neither T-Mobile or Motorola have commented on the issue, but it has been acknowledged by a Tmo forum mod, who states:

”As of now, we advise you not to Master Reset your phone if your OTA update did not download or if you are experiencing issues at this time.”

So there we have it. We’ll keep you updated on this. Let us know if the update has damaged your phone or not.

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  • Nico Smeets

    Got a new Cliq and went through any available updates in the System panel. After the first download the phone blocked on a white sreen, black logo and blue line with bootloader USB init. This is the second time in a week I have problems with the Cliq, the first set drained the battery in one hour.

  • John

    I've had my Cliq since Nov. Been waiting on the 2.0 but thought the New update would be good. NOT, it screwed my phone up. Freezes up, regularly. Had to go to Motorola support and t-mobile to finally fix it. IF THE UPDATE DIDN'T MESS UP YOUR DATE TIME PROGRAM, you can do the factory master reset. Make sure to get your username and password for your motoblur account FIRST! That fixed mine anyway. Tickled with my Cliq again…

  • William

    I've had the phone since November and the only real problem I've had with the phone has been random dead spots. I did download and install the 1.3.18 update and it has fixed the dead spot issue. I've had no other problem and my phone now works great!

    • clakomy

      I too did not experience issues initially. However, over the weekend I started experiencing unexplained application freezes along with slowness. Uninstalling and reinstalling those apps in question appear to have fixed the freezing, but not the response delays. Is it a brick; no it isn't.. But it was faster before I applied the update on Wednesday.

  • Sam

    Got a new Cliq yesterday and went through any available updates in the System panel (didn't know any better!). After the second update, I see a blue bar across the bottom of the screen, "bootloader USB init" The unit appears to be bricked.

    Am going to call TMO today when the store opens. The online chat folks were unable to help or advise.