Have you lost faith in Sony after the Playstation Network (PSN) outage?

By Alan Ng - Mar 1, 2010

Following on from our previous reports (here and here) about the global PS3 Playstation Network bug, which is affecting user’s systems around the world, we would like to take this opportunity to ask how you’re feeling at the moment.

At this current time of writing, the problem is still ongoing, with no movement on Sony’s official Twitter account regarding a time of fix for the problem.

You’ll also be aware that while you cant play any games online with the ‘fat’ PS3 model, certain games are also affected in offline play, and in extreme cases, game saves and trophies have been wiped.

Do you think Sony can recover from this problem and maintain their reputation within their community? Personally, I think this will all blow over – but no doubt that the timing of this is not ideal – with the likes of Battlefield:BC 2, Final Fantasy XIII and God of War III on the way.

Let us know your thoughts on this, by voting in our poll below.

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  • Mitsuko

    I don't know about faith in sony. You should have entered a third option "Just wanna godamn play" cause thats exactly what I'm feeling.

  • joye

    it was about time to something like this hapends. lost even the lil bit faith for sony that i have left. i lost almost all my faith wen i could not copy my saves, now this? sony calm the f down or GTFO. money hunger beast.

  • tired

    @fatus: I am a loyal Playstation and Sony fan. this "mistake" was the last draw for me. I was still recovering from the fallout 3 and gta dlc exclusivity issue with xbox. this is just the last mistake I feel like dealing with out of the long list of ongoing problems sony has. Cant even stream vids or music in your personal space at Playstaion Home. Microsoft would have solved that issue quick if they had a similar virtual program.

  • Fatus_olus

    I also trust sony. Things like that can happen even to big companies.
    I'm sure they'll think of a solution soon unlike Microsoft! (damn windows and x-box!!)

  • John

    Your vote should have included one for those of us that lost faith in Sony and the PS3 long before this mess up of theirs.

  • Isaiah Crawford

    I trust sony completely… i just wanna play my games now… but i guess this is good for me personally… could be doing other things now… but on a finishing note… please hurry sony…