Guitar Hero 5: Available for Palm Pre, Pixi (and Plus)

By Jamie Pert - Mar 1, 2010

If you have been looking for a fun game on your Palm device you may be happy with the most recent addition, Guitar Hero 5 has recently been added to Palm’s App Catalog and costs $5.99.

This game will run on all webOS-based handsets, currently these handsets include the Palm Pre, Palm Pixi, Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus.

There are 20 songs in total, artists include Blink 182, No Doubt, Nirvana, Vampire Weekend, Sublime, Bush and David Bowie (amongst others).

The game itself has a very quick learning curve, however can take a long time to master, for more details check out IntoMobile.

Have you played Guitar Hero 5 on your Palm handset? If so, tell us what you think so far in our comments section below.

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