Final Fantasy XIV: Closed Beta release date confirmed

By Alan Ng - Mar 1, 2010

We have some good news for those of you who were invited into the closed beta for Final Fantasy XIV, as Square-Enix has just confirmed a release date for the event.

As reported from Eurogamer, the closed beta will commence on March 11th, which is a Thursday. Square has stated that the beta will only be available to their ‘loyal Final Fantasy XI users!” (as they put it), but have hinted that others will be able to take part in the beta soon.

For those lucky few who have been selected, you are due to receive further information from Square this week. Sadly, thats not us – so do us a favor and let us know any juicy info!

Did you get selected for the FF14 beta?

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  • Jim

    Only 1 application is accepted. Every time you send a new one, the previous is deleted.

  • Michael

    i want this beta so bad. i've applied at least three times now, but no such luck. they should give me a break

  • Joe

    Yeah you need to /Apply/ for the beta test. They dont invite people who dont show interest

  • Steve

    I have 3 accounts for FFXI, 1 on 360, 2 on pc. half the family here plays it. also been a fan since nintendo, buying all the games up to the latest FFXIII. which in turn I also used to card to get a free item in game when it launches, as well as making my chances of being a beta tester even better. well, I can safely assure you that none of these things matter. I never got invited. and the beta started long long ago.

  • Evan Haroldson

    I got the invite luckily i guess. There's 3 of my family that use the same character for my account so im sure they thought I was playing ALOT. And it's been continuous since it was released. Exciting.

  • jeffro

    i played for many years also lol. i have not gotten an email back sicen i signed up. ud think they would atleast say the cant use me remora ftw

  • Scott

    What the crap?! I played FFXI starting when it was introduced to just about a year ago continously. I still have a PO account, just not currently playing a character. I’m a LOYAL FAN! Not my fault they stopped providing interesting content! I certainly haven’t received a closed beta invite. That’s crap!