Teen Gets 15 Years: Facebook blackmail and social media crime

By Peter Chubb - Feb 28, 2010

A teenager from Wisconsin must be wishing that he had never signed up for Facebook now, as he has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for blackmailing classmates into sex. This is according to a recent report from Associated Press.

19-year-old Anthony Stancl from New Berlin had pleaded no contest back in December to charges of repeated sexual assault of a child. According to AP, Stancl had created a Facebook profile of a nonexistent teenage girl and took it upon himself to convince more than 30 of his classmates to send nude images to him, as well as video footage.

The report then states that Stancl blackmailed them by threatening them into performing a sex act otherwise he would post the images or videos online. According to AP, more than seven of the classmates performed a sex act on Anthony. He had got off lightly, as he did face up to 30 years in prison.

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  • tedbohne

    This sounds like a sentence from an idiot. The kid made a stupid mistake. In fifteen years, he'll be a 34 year old hardened criminal set loose on the streets. REEEEEEL GOOOD you assholes!!

  • Ex-Sniper

    He talked 7 guys into sex??!! He will LOVE prison!

  • Halo

    Why should he be charged for someone else's stupidity? Plus, these girl's be charged for for emailing child pronography. Can't pick and choose who the justice system arrests.