Modern Warfare 2 DLC: The best ideas for new maps

By Peter Chubb - Feb 27, 2010

Back in November of last year we asked our readers what their wish list was when it came to new maps for Modern Warfare 2. We thought that we would have a look at what the best DLC ideas were from our readers. The response has been huge, and there are certainly some great ideas.

One of the very first suggestions was for more longer maps, as they would be ideal for snipers. Most of the current maps are too short to appreciate your sniper skills. One of the most requested maps or should we say new features is Zombies.

Another popular request is a night version of cliffhanger along with night vision goggles. This would be ideal for snipers, but could be a bit frantic in close quarter combat. How cool would it also be to have a remake of crossfire but a snow version?

Well these are just a few of the best ideas for new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 maps. Keep the ideas coming in.

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  • Liger Fury X

    A culdesac, a water park/zoo, a mall, a farmyard/cornfield, a boardwalk, a huge misty graveyard with a bunch of underground crypts and open graves,

  • philup thabong

    i think they should put a big fun house with a mirror maze in it

  • anthony

    2 great map on my opinion would be like a abandoned school like the one in the first mission and a remake of the gulag into a horrific prison.

  • guest

    you should be able to use multiple claymores
    also remote mines and trip laser mines .
    it woudnt hurt if you could customize your player and weapons aswell
    and be able to use vehicles lol for massive levels for snipeing
    and well if they wanted to make things interesting they could introduce hand to hand combat lol …… XBOX sniper6853978 . . . . . . . . . .

  • guest

    +1 for the dragunov! most common 762×51 sniper rifle in war today…i think it should be part of this "realistic game" and +1000 on the 1911, i love 1911's, o and a saiga 12 shotgun and another ak like a tantal, 5.54, or a krink. make a map somewhere around or in the white house, spent like 3 levels in that thing, lets not forget it

  • MarineScoutSnip

    New weapons like the FN 5.7, SIG's 556, AK74 (it is different than AK47), LM7. Also call in 81 MM mortar, and Arti.

    • ?????

      marinescoutsnip….artillery…? youve been playin 2 much cod WAW

  • dan

    lol at Adam , i coudnt agree more mate 😉 ,i think they should fix the glitchs before they think about DLC . talk about running before you can walk !!!!!!!!!!

  • Adam

    Along with adding new weapons, they should add the capability for Triple Shotguns with unlimited range, have two tactical knives out at a time, be able to sprint twice as fast with knives/shotguns out, and teleport from one side of the map to the other while invincible so you can double stab people from one side of favela to the other.

    Oh also, they should add more potential for glitches.

  • A map called the prison would b great just like in the game itself

  • mozzatcb100

    How about a map without lag. That will do me just fine

  • arthur

    Mirrors, cameras and video monitors.

  • xcalizorz

    They should put the dragunov, w1200 shotgun and the m1911.45 pistol as dlc along with maps global thermonuclear war and night vision gogles

  • xcalizorz

    I agree with Ur mom and JolLy_Gr33n-G14nt all the way

  • JolLy_Gr33N-G14nt

    More weapons, maps, game modes (global thermonuclear war), perks, titles emblems and bring back some old maps but re-amp them

  • A map of London underground in the mw2 map pack

  • A new map idea for modern warfare 2 would b in a multiple story car park, drop a grenade on a player and a few vechicles blow up together

    • ?????

      a map of 2 battle ships connected for long range battle and 2 bring back the M40 sniper from COD4