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iPhone 4G vs. 4th Generation: Understanding the difference

Whenever we write a post on the new iPhone 4G, it seems that a number of readers get confused between the 4th generation version of the smartphone and the 4G network. However, there are reports that this is also a nickname for the next version of Apple’s handset and will not be its official name when released.

The reason why people assumed that the next iPhone would be called 4G is because of previous names of the handset. We started with the 2G then went to 3G and then 3GS. So it stands to reason to call the next iPhone 4G, this is what TUAW explains in a recent article.

The reason why Apple may not go with the iPhone 4G name is simple, many people would assume that it is 4G ready, but we are still a long way from worldwide deployment of this faster mobile broadband. Tests are still ongoing; the likes of Sprint and Verizon are undergoing tests in certain cities.

However, AT&T who is the only cell phone carrier to have the iPhone in the U.S. will not have their 4G network ready for deployment until 2011.

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