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Google Nexus One Vodafone UK Release Date: April

The Google Nexus One has been out in the U.S for almost two months now; those in the UK are still waiting. Thankfully, Vodafone has announced that the HTC built smartphone will be released in April. We are still waiting on tariff details, which should come out closer to release date.

According to the Telegraph, they assume that pricing would be similar to that of the Apple iPhone. When the search engine launched the Nexus One back at the beginning of January, it was an attempt to show how serious they were in the smartphone market. Google had hoped for them to compete with the like of the iPhone 3GS, but low sales have not produced the desired results.

There are a number of reasons for this; one of those is that Google have not promoted the Nexus One as much as Apple has done with the iPhone. You can only purchase the handset direct from Google; sales are dependant on word of mouth. If Google were to step up promotion, we are certain that sales would increase, not certain if they would be anything like the iPhone though.



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