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Google Earth News: Street View images must be deleted

Google have had a hard time just recently, not only have they got of to a poor start with Google Buzz, they have now been told that they have to remove images on Street View in 6 months rather than 12. This is a popular feature that users have been enjoying on Google Maps and Google Earth.

Street View offers users the chance to view 360-degree and panoramic views from street level. I have used the product on a number of occasions and have enjoyed looking at old places where I used to live. However, it seems that some are not happy with what images have been made available online.

Currently, Google has to delete the images collected in a year, but the European Union said that this is too long and has said that 6 months is a more reasonable period to hold on to the images. For more information on this visit NewsFactor Network.

What are your views on Street View?



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