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Breakdancing video for Xbox 360’s Project Natal

When Microsoft first introduced us to Project Natal for the Xbox we all assumed that it would never be as good as they demonstrated, but looking at this breakdancing video, we may have to take all that back. You will see what I mean when you view the video below.

I love this form of dancing and it also gets to show off how well Project Natal can track your movements. Breakdancing is a fast form of dancing, so it shows that the technology used is able to keep up with the fast pace. Please forgive the low light condition this is not our fault.

This video shows how fluid your movements can be when tracked by the sensor; we just hope that the final version that hits the market will be even better. We are not sure if there are any more videos like this on the Internet, this will just have to do for now. We recently reported that the technology behind Project Natal was offered to Nintendo first, which you can read about here.



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