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Palm Pre and Pixi webOS 1.4: Download Update Today

We have learned that the new webOS 1.4 software update will be available to download today for Palm Pre and Pixi users, we had assumed that it would have been yesterday, February 25. Those who own one of these handsets will receive an Over the Air (OTA) notification that a new version of the OS is available, this is according to Engadget.

The news of this update had appeared on Sprint’s official forums, but they have since removed the page. However, we still know it is coming and the original posting even gave details of the fixes and feature updates. One such update will be the Adobe Flash 10.0 plug-in, which should be available very soon from the Palm App Catalogue.

Some of the fixes include time zone, random browser formatting, missing contact issue, Bluetooth extension and much more. Some of the new features include phonebook transfer, messaging, calendar, email and notification enchantments. For more details on all the fixes and feature updates in webOS 1.4, visit Engadget.



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