iPhone OS 4.0: 10 Features to Stay Ahead

By Peter Chubb - Feb 26, 2010

Every year Apple releases not only a new iPhone handset but also a new version of its mobile operating system, the latest version rumored is iPhone OS 4.0. However, as you would expect, Apple has yet to officially announce this.

The current OS is this best version yet, but it still has a way to go to fight off competition from the likes of Google Android. There have been reports that the software update will only be a cosmetic one, we just hope that there are some new features that allow us to customize our iPhones more, read more on that story here.

eWeek has a an article about the 10 features that they would like to see on iPhone OS 4.0. Some of them we could see happening, but most of them will not come now or even in the next couple of years. One such feature they wish to see is Flash, which we know Steve Jobs hates and prefers HTML 5.

Below are the top 10 features needed for iPhone OS 4.0:

  • Multitasking
  • Gaming Integration
  • Flash
  • More Control
  • Improved File Management
  • Improved Mail
  • Built-In Social Networking
  • Power Scheduling
  • iBooks
  • An Improved App Store

These are just some of the features already being used on a number of other handsets on the market, how great would it be for Apple to incorporate them all?

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  • when is this update released in UK… Are we going to have to wait for it to be released in America first ?

  • Neil

    Hey Scott good point about the enabling of FM radio on the iphone. The best app I have found however is Tunein Radio, which for only £1.19. is a steal and the quality is great. Some updates need to be made, but it is a step in the right direction for FM.

  • Scott

    My biggest hope is they enable FM radio on the iphones. I read that the hardware is there and it just basically needs to be turned on. Last fall there was some articles how Apple was working on this but havnt heard anything since. I hope it is true and will be included on the 4.0 OS