HTC Supersonic (Incredible) Video: Nav Pad Included

By Peter Chubb - Feb 26, 2010

A video appeared online yesterday and Engadget had thought that it was either the HTC Supersonic or the Incredible. The video was then taken offline, but has thankfully been put back up again. We can clearly see that the new HTC smartphone has a Nav Pad at the bottom.

For those who do not know, the HTC Supersonic or Incredible is a phone that will come packed with Android and WiMax, and is headed for the Sprint network some time later this year. The video below only last for 40 seconds, but gives you a chance to see the handset in use.

Talking about that Nav Pad that we mentioned above, Engadget informs us that the Supersonic lacks this feature, so we could be looking at the Incredible. Then again, this could be neither of them and be a third Android running handset from HTC.

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