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Adobe Flash 10.1: Windows Phone 7 Support not 6.5

For those of you who own a Windows Mobile 6.5 phone, then you will not be happy to learn that Adobe Flash 10.1 will not be coming to your mobile OS. Adobe is instead working on support for the new Windows Phone 7, which should be released later this year from the likes of LG.

The only Windows 6.5 smartphone to get Flash 10.1 could be the HTC HD2, as reports that it will be upgraded to Windows Phone 7. This latest news will not go down well with current owners of the failing mobile OS, this could be the final nail in the coffin for Microsoft and see once loyal users shift to Google Android or Apple iPhone handsets instead.

Adobe have not officially announced this latest development, this information was seen on the Adobe Forums. According to, an employee who works for Adobe had responded to a question asked by a number of forum members. The employee said that Adobe were not offering flash 10.1 support for Windows 6.5 is due to hardware compatibility issues.



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