Valve’s Steam: Is it coming to Mac?

By Alan Ng - Feb 25, 2010

It looks as if yesterday’s news about Valve’s new beta interface for Steam has revealed a few more juicy details that we didn’t expect. It appears that an official release for Mac computers may be a possibility in the future.

As reported from Destructoid, one user has found Mac OSX files hidden within the new Steam code. These files include things such as maximizing and minimizing icons, general menu files and even system dock files.

It’s worth pointing out that the likes of EA, id Software and Popcap already have Mac versions of their games available on Steam, so maybe other companies are looking to follow suit perhaps?

Either way, an official Mac release of Steam would be great news. Let us know what you think of this.

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  • Tony

    This is the number one reason why I don't own a Mac. I'm a heavy gamer and just can't see buying a Mac to spend most of my time in Windows. If Apple ever did get their act together with the gaming community and gave the customer the ability to at least update their graphics cards I wouldn't bat an eye to buy a Mac. Until then, Sorry Apple you don't have what I need.

  • a Martin

    I want more modern games to run natively in Mac OS X and I want them to run at least as well as they do on Windows (using the same hardware).

    Right now it feels like there's mostly ”Hidden Objects” games that's coming out. 😛

    Apple needs to give us more powerful graphic card options in the Macs. And I guess we also need more developers to consider OpenGL instead of just Direct X.

    What I've read the new DirectX 11 and Windows 7 (64 bit) seems to be a very good base for game developing, so I'm afraid it won't happen any time soon. 🙁