Toyota Congressional Hearing: Lawmakers Irritated with Answers

In recent months Toyota has been going through its worst times since the company first launched, this was due to the huge amount of recalls of the Japanese automakers vehicles, such as the popular Prius. Akio Toyoda, the president of Toyota Motor Corp was given his chance to explain himself at yesterday’s congressional hearing.

According to Reuters, Toyoda looked very uncomfortable during the hearing, he looked very upset and there was a moment when he broke into tears. However, lawmakers seemed to be irritated with some of the answers that Toyoda was giving during the three-hour grilling.

Toyoda had hoped that his appearance at the hearing would help to repair the damage caused by the recent recalls and try to answer all the questions asked. The president of Toyota has indicated that he is uncertain if he has achieved his goal. The UK government also wishes to speak to Toyoda, they would like to know why it has taken 12-months for Toyota to address the problem.



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