Pentax Optio W90 and X90: Release dates, specs and price

By Peter Chubb - Feb 25, 2010

Pentax have released details on its two new cameras, the all-weather Optio W90 and superzoom X90. The former is a rugged camera, so we are never going to mistake it for one of the more elegant sleek models. This 12.1-megapixel camera can certainly take some pain, such as shocks and a fall of up to four feet.

For those who take holidays where there is likely to be dust, then the dustproofing feature is certainly going to appeal to you. The W90 offers 720p video recording at 30fps and a maximum 5x optical zoom. The W90 is expected to be released in April and will cost about $330.

The Pentax X90 is a special camera, as it is just one of a few cameras that boast 26x optical zoom. That amount of zoom requires technology to keep things still while taking a shot; the sensor-shift stabilizer is Pentax’s answer to that problem. The X90 should be released next month and have a price tag of $400. Both cameras are not short of problems though; the Pentax K2000 DSLR also fell short in a number of areas.

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  • margarita

    So we get the camera and on the first use it drowns in water in only 3-4′. We go to the store, return it and get a new one, the same. This one took great pics except that after two weeks the shutter button doesn’t work anymore. The store won’t do anything for us since its been 30 days after purchase and I can’t reach any customer service through phones # we have or web. HELP!

  • azuro


    I recently used the Pentax Optio W90 with impressive results both in and out of the water on my family beach vacation to Puerto Rico. Just after I got comfortable with the device and its particular interface, the camera lens fogged up after about 30 minutes of use in 6" of water! Shortly after that, the camera shut down, and refused to turn back on. After the exterior dried out, I opened the battery/disk hatch to find a couple drops of water inside! So much for waterproof.

    Unfortunately, it happened to me just before the "snorkeling" part of our family vacation, so I was without a camera that I bought specifically for that purpose! But what's is MOST UPSETTING is that when I called Pentax to discuss repair/return procedures, they were arrogant, condescending, and refused to assist me while on vacation and away from my purchase/warranty information back home. They would not even consider sending me a "lender unit" because — according to them — Puerto Rico isn't part of the US! Ridiculous! Now I am back home and they want 4 weeks to repair a camera that I've barely used.