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iPhone 4G / LTE and Mobile Warming in 2010

We have all heard about global warming, but how about mobile warming? This is a subject that revolves around network bandwidth and dropped calls, something that we all know about. So how will this effect phones in 2010 as they demand more from the networks, such as the iPhone 4G and the coming LTE standard?

Business Insider says that if you think you think that mobile warming is bad now, then things are about to get a whole lot worse. The article suggests that the problem will be much bigger over the next two years and that wireless networks are also at breaking point.

Growth over the past few years has been phenomenal, this is due to the popularity of smartphones where the demand for mobile video and data traffic are in high demand. Adobe Flash is also a major cause; this is one of the reasons why Apple does not offer the Flash Player to iPhone users.

4G or LTE has not exploded into the mainstream yet, but when it does we can expect even more dropped calls. It certainly seems like this growth is unsustainable. For more details visit Business Insider.



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