Flash 10.1 and Nexus One Battery Performance Confusion

By Peter Chubb - Feb 25, 2010

We have spoken about Flash 10.1 on a number of occasions now, such as it not coming to the Apple iPhone but there have been some conflicting reports about its effects on the Nexus One battery performance. However, a number of bloggers have now spent some time trying to make sense of all the confusion.

You would have thought that they would have spent their time studying the advancements with the software itself and not how it affects battery life of the new Google phone or any other smartphone come to that. There are so many factors regarding why the battery drain was much more than expected, and most of them does not point to the new Flash Player.

The reason why people started to question the battery performance of the Nexus One running Flash 10.1 was due to a recent video, this showed an excessive drain on power. However, another video from Flashmobileblog.com has now been released demonstrating the true battery performance, which you can see below.

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