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Bloom Energy’s Bloom Box: Video with CEO KR Sridhar

We have some good news for the millions of you who are still intrigued by the whole idea of the ‘Bloom Box’ device, as we have found a new video interview with KR Sridhar – the CEO of Bloom Energy.

Earlier on, we told you about the recent press conference, with the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger giving his opinions on the device, as well as news that further companies such as Coca-Cola and Wal-mart have now joined Google and Ebay in giving their full backing towards the eco-friendly Bloom Box.

As for the video, Fresh Dialogue supply the interview with Mr Sridhar and it lasts about 8 minutes in length. He answers specific questions about the fuel cells contained within the box, as well as questions on the possibilities of the Bloom Box for the future.

Check it out below, it’s very interesting.



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