Bloom Energy Press Conference: Can Bloom Box Deliver on Hype?

The Bloom Energy press conference was held yesterday and was the day when the Bloom Box was officially unveiled. Now the device will have to prove itself and many questions are now being answered, such as if the fuel cell can deliver on all the hype?

The launch of the device was a huge deal, this was evident with Colin Powell, the former Secretary of State being just one of a number of important luminaries attending. The Sunnyvale, Calif. company hopes that the Bloom Box will be able to reduce the energy needs over current servers.

According to an article on the Christian Science Monitor, many companies such as Cox Enterprises had believed that the Bloom Box was to good to be true. However, the potential benefit of a system like this certainly has many businesses exited. View a 60 minute video here about how the Bloom Box works.



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