Apple’s Steve Jobs: Meeting with shareholders today

By Peter Chubb - Feb 25, 2010

Today is when Apple CEO Steve Jobs will hold a meeting with shareholders, and we know one thing; there will not be a shortage of questions. However, we have to wonder how many Jobs is prepared to answer. Shares in Apple are currently around the $200 mark, we wonder if the recent unveiling of the iPad will help to improve things in the coming months?

Apple’s market capitalization is now around the $200 billion mark, but the company needs to offer something exiting to its shareholders to keep the momentum going. One way to do this is by giving more information about their plans of what they want to do with the iPad tablet device, this is according to Reuters.

Another question that Steve Jobs will be asked is if the iPhone is able to keep up its popularity, as there is now greater competition than this time last year. There have been a number of rumors that Apple will launch the iPhone 4G later this year and as well as Verizon being offered the smartphone. If both of these happen, then we can expect to see profits increase yet again. Although we are not certain if they will double as they have done over this time last year.

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  • I think this is a smart move on Jobs part. With more cash in the bank they will have more opportunities to jump into new markets and make move that no one else can.

  • Jim

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