Xbox 360 will outsell the Sony PS3 in 2010 – Greenberg

By Alan Ng - Feb 24, 2010

It was about time we heard from Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg, so here he is again, with another of his typical comments about the Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles.

As reported from Eurogamer, Greenberg has predicted that the Xbox 360 will outsell the PS3 in 2010, reminding everyone that the Xbox 360 achieved this in 2009.

The direct quote from him reads: “We believe we’ll outsell the PS3 for the full year”. He also added that they are not underestimating the PS3, saying that they have a lot of great games and a great history in this industry.

But he continued in favor of the 360, noting more exclusives, more great games, innovative tech like Project Natal and the leading online community as prime examples for his prediction.

We’ll let you draw your own conclusions on Greenberg’s latest comments. More through the link.

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  • Mark

    @Dave. I only see one company lying about sales figures, denying existance of RROD, prematurely launching consoles with known defects…

    Buying an Xbox is sending the message that these misleading and criminal practices are acceptable. When they do it all over again, Xbox owners will have brought it on themselves

  • Dave

    He will probably be right if they sell Natal at the right price, but if they do what they normally do and overprice it then maybe not. But either way, Microsoft and Sony are just as bad as each other when it comes to the BS they roll out. Sony fanboys going on like Sony's sh*t don't stink, tut tut tut.

  • rimmer

    " sony have confirmed that PSN and the PS3s capabilities will grow beyond the xbox"
    funny, Sony bigging up their system. Who would have thought? I'm pretty sure MS would say the same thing about their console. Stop drinking the coolaid.
    I doubt that xbox will outsell the ps3 if you leave the natal factor out of the equation. If natal turns out to be all that it is promised to be then MS will gain the upper hand again. If not, then I suspect sony will top out by about 1million over MS.

  • bazzerk

    The fact is M$ have sold far more than their last effort, while $ony was expecting to be top dog and has failed miserably! $ony try to make us believe that the Wii is not included, which is not what was said in the beginning is it, $ony? The Wii has kicked both their asses and is continuing to do so now!

    What amazes me more however is that some of you guys seem to think M$ and $ony are your friends and stick up for them in any way you can! How about trying to be friends with something thats actually alive and can have a meaningful conversation with you! M$ feed you with rubbish, but so do $ony and any other company out there. Why? because they are only interested in your cash, grow up!

  • While I believe Greenberg purposly mistated the sales figures, 360 will likely outsell ps3 this year as it will cut hardware prices well before Sony giving 360 the edge sales wise

  • Steve

    For comedy value, I think this guy's fantastic. And M$ pay him a wage, confirming they'll pay over the odds for anything.

  • Iain

    what he doesn't realise is that the PS3s hardware is far better than the xbox 360, sony have confirmed that PSN and the PS3s capabilities will grow beyond the xbox. The 3D upadte is an example of this!!

  • LOW

    well what did u think he was going to say the ps3 will out sell the xbox 360 wow what a dumd article.

  • William Gates

    Arron – you are a twat and always be a twat you cunting cock sucker.

  • Mark

    Found the source:

    "As reported by the Examiner, recent fiscal numbers reveal that Sony sold 10.8 million PS3s in 2009, while Microsoft sold 8.5 million units total. The current total units sold to date for the PS3 is 33.5 million units and 38.7 for the Xbox 360 worldwide."

    So who is brave enough to challenge Microsoft's BS? Nobody? Everyone happy for them to continue to tell blatant lies?

  • Mark

    Errm, the PS3 outsold the Xbox in 2009… Not sure what this idiot is on about. Perhaps he thinks the media and Xbox owners are so stupid, they won't notice this blatent lie.

    Try looking at the global year sales. About 3m more PS3 sales… Perhaps he is talking some cryptic US only NPD data or something, or some other lame spin…

    The guy is clealy either deluded, a liar or living in some other land far-far away…

    • Meh

      Yes…-_-. When he said this he was talking about the us only.