PS3’s Heavy Rain: Is the patch update causing you problems?

By Alan Ng - Feb 24, 2010

How are you finding Heavy Rain at the moment? It has been reported that following a recent 230MB patch update to the game, some users have claimed that their copy is now suffering from various problems.

According to this article from Examiner, problems include freezing, issues relating to audio and problems when saving or loading up the game.

However, this is not affecting all of you – only a select few it seems. The most frequent problem appears to be random game crashes though, so lets hope that Quantic Dream are working on a fix to sort it out asap.

Have you noticed any of the problems mentioned above? Let us know how the game is handling for you, we’ll update you when we get more info.

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  • Wildkitten21

    Just bought this game today and tried to play, the update message popped up and i hit ok to install it, every time i try to do this my ps restarts, when i hit the back button to just play without the update my ps freezes and shuts off or it will be stuck at the loading screen where just the origami symbol is on the bottom right corner and can’t get any farther…ive been waiting so long to play this game and its extremely disappointing to find out i have to wait for another patch to fix this problem hopefully they will get a new patch soon I’m dying to play this game!!!

  • scratsnut

    The game was pretty good for me with some very minor issues (graphics etc) allowing me to obtain almost all of the trophies. The final Trophy i require is the Good Fater trophy and without fail i get a crash when, after putting the kid to bed Ethan, wakes in the street in the pooring rain. At this point it stalls with the audio still running (sound of rainfall) and there is nothing i can do…. as a result – even though i have done all tasks correctly, my trophy wont pop. This is so frustrating after putting in so may hours on all of the endings and various tasks to get the platinum. Please Quantic Dream, please fix this remarkable game. Its so close to genius. – PSN id – scratsnut

  • Cherrylin

    Back when I got the game, it wanted an update. I updated, not aware there could be any problems, however, it was not possible for me to reach any further than the 'Suicide Baby' chapter. The game froze all the times I loaded it up, including when I started a whole new game etc.,. Simply, it wasn't possible.

    What I did though, was to delete everything called Heavy Rain from my PS3. Game files and save files. Then I put the disc into my PS3 again, and said "no" to the update. Heavy Rain worked like a charm, without any major bugs. In fact, I only found these minor bugs;
    – I couldn't open the medicine cabinet to grab some medicine to Shaun (no function at all)
    – Subtitles appeared late now and then.

    I have not had any problem with Heavy Rain otherwise. I found this topic as I was searching whether I could update the game now, but it appears there are still major bugs in the updates. I shall continue to wait, and stay in safety. I refuse to start over if some crazy bug comes again…

  • Osric

    Problems I had (I finished the game in a row):
    1. Voice stuttering
    2. Silent voices on some characters at some scenes (you actually read the subtitles but no voice)
    3. Movement stuttering (character blinks here and then there)
    4. Black screen (before downloading 2.0 patch)
    5. Black silouette characters (before download 2.0 patch)
    6. Not being able to perform actions (specifically at Father and Son chapter, had to restart the chapter)
    7. And the worst… I finished the game, unlocked LOTS of bonifications… But in the bonifications, rewards or wathever is in english… Zero, nothing. I have the game beaten but no bonifications even if they were announced to be unlocked in the character's faces loading screens.

    Excellent game… Disturbing glitch issues… I hope there is a new patch for this one as it's AWESOME and nearly a perfect game… But your experience may be bad because of all of these glitches, stutters and stuff.

  • Brendan

    well i cant even get that far…… i played the demo and loved it…..bought the game…..and it wont even load the update….. so i cant even play it…. … keeps saying error while downloading…. so i try again…still nothing

  • lei

    thankfully i am not the only one having this problem!! i thought it was my ps3 that was faulty which scared me because i just bought it new 2 weeks ago. i was on the mission where the father is crawling through the tunnel in the powerplant. the screen went black and the audio was all messed up and SCREECHING very loudly. it scared me especially during that scene and it sounded terrible. when i went to the pause or main menu, the picture came back only on those menus, but the audio was still messed up. the game screen would not go back to normal. i just shut my ps3 off. if they don't fix these errors i will seriously be disappointed and complain to the company, whoever they are. it's a waste of money.

  • Tompa

    The camera is getting stuck and will not follow the character. How am I supposed to finish now?

  • blah

    my game just froze and wont let me reload at all. even if it doesn't freeze and i just try to go to the main menu it wont load and wont let me get back to where i was

  • Dre

    The game wont even load on my ps3. It just goes to a screen that says "HEAVY RAIN" and give me ome options that I cant use. WTF?! I'm glad I only rented it and didn't buy it. You would think sony would be a little more responsible with releasing a game without this many glitches. Its $59.99 at the store..I would be one pissed customer had I bought it!

  • Same here. I am replaying the game. I am in the place in the dirty office of Jayden when he suddenly got sick… When I am about to enter to rest room, the game freezes, although the reset and start buttons still functions… I just quit the game and went back to the main menu.

  • Just bought this game yesterday and I can't hear any of the acters talking. The volume is so low you almost can't hear anything.

    Didn't hear about this problem before, if I had, I wouldn't have bought it before it was fixed.. Waste of money for me tbh. I don't want to sit and read subtitles all day while playing.

  • Maurice

    I reinstalled my Playstation fully and downloaded the patch after that. I didn’t use my backup and it seemed to work fine. A few minutes ago I the whole Playstation went crazy and I had to restart it. I wonder if I had bad luck before I reinstalled the Playstation, but I’m sure the patch caused problems. Hopefully there will be another patch if needed.

  • Tetley

    I’ve installed the 200Mb patch as soon as I put the disk in for the first time.

    I cannot load the level ‘The Cemetary’. The game shows Scott’s face and just stays there.

    At the moment there is no way I can continue the game. If I go back and replay earlier levels, as soon as I get back to the Cemetary level the game just hangs.

  • Marco

    I just can't play anymore! The PS3 frezes in any chapter I choose to beguin. I have no solution than to wait for a resolution for the problem. Please!! Fix it!

  • Stonewisti

    Same here, black screen when loading my save game, hope they gonna fix that, i'm at the end of the game, dont wanna restart the whole game for this bug.

  • Jamie

    I'm not at all impressed here, the game is broken like a Toyota and my money is all to waist until a fix appears ! + I don't want to start a new game, if i could even load that?!? Either way very boring first few hours..

  • andrew

    mine has frozen on me twice so far and ive only played it about 5 hours at the most.

  • kei

    The audio and subtitles get out of sync a lot.

    I had Ethan sit down in front of his desk and have no options… so he was just stuck there. After reloading, he tended to get double down arrows at his desk. After finishing his work, I had an up arrow in the kitchen. Pressed it and suddenly he was back in his office getting up from his chair.

    I got a blank screen after getting a trophy and it just froze – blackness with a trophy popup in the top right.

    I loaded my game from the Twins chapter (using Continue), played through Fish Tank, and turned off the game. When I reloaded, my saves during Twins, Sexy Girl, and Fish Tank were all lost and I had to start back from Twins. Got an extra trophy that time, though.

    Otherwise, amazing game. Surprised myself by not being overly upset about having to replay parts. Beat it once, looking forward to replaying soon.

    And for all of you out there bashing Sony… bash them for the fat PS3 issue, but not for Heavy Rain issues. They didn't design, develop, and test the game… Quantic Dream did. Putting the blame on a company that has nothing to do with the issue is why you're not getting the issue resolved. Think before you make yourself sound like an idiot.

  • john

    tried loading the game then comes up on the screen saying trophy information not registered game will quit does anybody know what this means or how to sort the problem ? thanks

  • AJ Stevenson

    i am right at the docks now, saving shaun and my whole system has frozen. the only way to get out of it is to restart my system. only got the game on friday, the disc is mint condition, not even a dust partical. wats going on?

  • Lee

    Voices out of sync at the shopping mall scene and the fact my ps3 cant play it any longer due to the trophy / psn / calendar bug.. what a game though.

  • Disappointed Gamer

    I own a 360, PS3 and Wii. I spend most of my time playing my 360. I was really excited about playing Heavy Rain on my PS3. I got the game on the day it was released and I loved it! I played for five days with no major issue. Now…the game won't even load. I can't log into the PlayStation Network and if I try to play this game offline I get a message that says "Registration of the trophy information could not be completed. The game will quit. (8001050F)" WTF. So I checked the forums. Other people are having the same issue. I then turned off my PS3 and started playing that other system again. I hope a fix comes soon. I really would like to spend more time with my PS3.

    • siana

      hey ive had the same issue as you "Registration of the trophy information could not be completed.And i can't go on to my play station network, is there anything that i can do to fix it, or wait intill a patch comes out, wirte back please.

      • This is related to the global PSN error, that is affecting everyone, and not a problem with your Heavy Rain disc. The problem should be fixed once Sony sort out the PSN for everyone. Hope this helps.

  • Amanda

    Spent the last 2 days playing the game and the stunning graphics and story allowed me to get over the minor glitches until I got to the last chapter, and the game froze. Now I can't load my game, I only get a black screen. I'm very disappointed because I'm about to see everything unfold but can't. I've never had a serious issue like this with a video game before.

  • Danielle

    I downloaded the patch when I received the game and all seemed to be working just fine. I got up to the suicide baby chapter and quit. Then I played some more (around 4 hours worth of game play mind you) and quit for the day. I went back a little later and none of my files were saved nor could I start from a chapter that was after the suicide baby chapter.
    So, I figured it was my fault and that I just turned off the game during a auto save (something I always try and make sure I DON'T do.) and I played again for the 4 hours to get back to where I was and then decided to quit. Now, going back to it again I still have no save files after the suicide baby chapter!!!! I have put 8 hours into this game that aren't even logged! I'm so upset, that I refuse to play this game until there is a patch to fix this. This is just ridiculous!

  • Mark

    I got to last level . Went to bed woke up ready to play and it won't load goes to black screen thought my 3 day old ps3 had died but my uncharted still plays now I deleted some things

  • Well I got about 5 hours into the game. I've only had one sound issue so far, where the audio suddenly cut out at during one scene and had to restart my PS3 to get it back.

    Another time when I went to exit the game my console froze.

    And finally, I go to put the disc in today, and my PS3 no longer reads Blu-Rays!

    I was going to copy my Heavy Rain saves over to a thumb drive and put them on my other PS3, but of course you can't copy saves for that game. My luck right?

  • kamar56

    this game is glitchy in the mall part of the game there are people going through eachother and heavy heavy frame rate drops and screen tearing through out the whole game plus tons of nore glitches. I wish this game would have been more polished.

  • shane

    hey i had a problem when my game would not load up during chapter 5 number 7 with the cop and all i did was go into my save data under game in the playstation menu and deleted the one called options not the save game file and it worked perfectly after that. Give it a try

  • blank screen

    Dude, shut the hell up.

    "If we let this stand we’re letting Sony know that it’s alright to release buggy unfinished products and not only will we put up with it, we’ll even pay for it. It’s time to let them know, that it’s not right. As loyal and (most importantly) paying customers, we deserve better."

    Wow. Firstly, it has nothing to do with Sony you dolt. Secondly, this is a videogame. Sometimes they come out with a few bugs due to being pushed out the door, being large in scope or having been made by PC developers that tend not to have 40billion people playtesting 24/7. Lastly, you deserve better? You deserve to go scampering back to Micro$oft with that attitude. Leave the labor of love games to people that aren't totally bereft of understanding.

    I've only come here because my game's also crashed and won't load so I understand why you're upset but I mean you just sound like a total dick. Don't post that rubbish anywhere else please.

    Yes, I know I've insulted you in every sentence – I'm just saying what everyone that dealt with your shit over the phone probably wanted to ram into your thick skull.

  • Dawson

    well really my game is just totally stuttering. constantly i am anoyed by this cause people are floating in air and the mouth and bodies are in two different places. i mean what the heck is that all about

  • Katie

    No doubt in my mind either that they released this because of the money issue. This is clearly an extremely ambitious project and must have cost a fortune to make. I haven't gotten a second patch yet, but I'm glad to hear that they are making some effort to fix this. I'm having the exact same problem as you and TSYang.

    It's a shame that a game as excellent as this one was pushed for an early release.

  • Kell

    I'm on hold with Sony right now asking them what they are doing to remedy this problem.

    Apparently, the person I'm talking to has no idea what I'm talking about. I'm not going to go fiddle with my brand new playstation. It's not a hardware issue. "I'd like to speak to your manager please."

    Holding for the manager.

    The manager says has never heard of any issues with the game and is checking with some other department.

    Holding to some pretty jazzy elevator music…

    Has no one called in to complain yet?

    Manager is back.
    The manager is talking me in circles and won't do anything for me but give me a call back once they've heard of the problem. He's getting a little aggravated. I just want some answers and clearly he doesn't have any.

    After arguing with him for 20 minutes, he can’t do anything for me. I ask to speak to someone above him. Apparently he's the boss. "Are you the head of customer service for Sony of America?"

    He's going to put me through to his superior in networking.

    This guy is a little better but still useless. I explain to him that I feel irate for purchasing a product that lets me play for a few hours and then freezes and won't let me load my save game.

    "Is it a patchable issue or a corrupted save game?" – Me He doesn't know.

    "If it's a game issue, once 'they've' been made aware of a problem the developer will probably patch it soon." – Network guy I had already assumed this and it does nothing for me.

    "If it's on the developer to fix the problem, then why is their faulty product being sold by Sony?" – Me No answer.

    "I'd like my $60 back if the game doesn't work as specified." – Me

    "Sony's not really responsible for that problem." – Network guy

    "Oh so it's not Sony's problem? So for the $60 I spent for a SONY computer entertainment game that is played on the SONY playstation 3 game that bugs out half way through and won't let me play it anymore isn't Sony's problem?" – Me

    "This is the first I've heard of this issue. Of the thirty million people playing this game, you're the only person I've heard about having this problem." – Network guy

    "There are a ton of people posting about this issue online in the US and EU forums. There are Sony representatives and devs stating that they have been made aware of these issues online. I got this number from a post online. I just want to know what you guys are doing to remedy this situation." – Me

    "The best I can do right now is call you back in a day or two when we know more about this." – Network guy

    "So you're not going to give me my money back (which of course I understand is a mildly ludicrous thing to ask for) and you're not going to throw me some sort of PS3 voucher or restitution for my aggravation and wasted time (a little more plausible) and you're not even going to acknowledge that this is a serious and fairly widespread problem with your product?" (Awww c'mon Network guy… Nothing.)

    This entire process garners no information, fixes or restitution for me or anyone. Eventually he informs me to hunt down this link:

    Where he assures me, my complaint will get to the right department. Passing the buck… to a website. The kicker is that (aside from the automated e-mail/question form) the only contact number listed is the one I’ve just called. Well done, Network guy. Well done.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love this game. I think its innovative and great and if I wasn’t so deeply involved with the characters and story I could probably put it down for a couple of weeks and not care. But that’s just not the case and dammit I’m upset and I have a right to be. I just dealt with all of that MAG server nonsense a couple of weeks ago, but I digress.

    If we let this stand we’re letting Sony know that it’s alright to release buggy unfinished products and not only will we put up with it, we’ll even pay for it. It’s time to let them know, that it’s not right. As loyal and (most importantly) paying customers, we deserve better.

    I hope everyone reads my personal experience and is motivated to inundate the he!! out of Sony with phone calls (1-800-345-7669), e-mails and forum posts until these problems with Heavy Rain are fixed.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go post this repetitively all over the internet.

  • heavyrainer

    game froze…wont load…loading face screen then i get black screen…please fix, sony/quantic dream!

  • TSYang

    just got the game when it came out. having the same problems with screen loadings, audio loss during gameplay. right now im at the the solved puzzle chapter & it froze at the loading screen with the characters face. restarted it and try to continue and load from chapters but it will just go to a blank screen and freeze wtf? i even try loading the other chapters and it does the same thing? new game works but i don't wanna start over, i paid 60 bucks for this game.

  • veni

    it wont even load now just a black screen
    anyone know the solution to this?

  • Heytham

    My game just froze, its really buggy ive noticed, right from the beginning of the game…for a game thats been in development for so long they should have had it ironed out by now

  • guy incognito

    slight, slight spoiler

    my game froze after exhausting all of norman's thought options in the sequence where he's fiending drugs
    the music is playing on loop, the camera is moving around, but there are no movement prompts and none of the buttons react in any way save for the pause and control menu buttons. i'm not sure if i'm an idiot, or if something is seriously wrong with the game, but after reading all these other problems i am perplexed why they would release the game in this condition.

  • Damian

    just got the game and updated with the 200mb ish update, so didnt get a chance to try without the patch, but im in the crime scene early on, and it has frozen twice whilst i tried completing the scene. Now i have to do the crime scene thing again, 3 times thats sux. I feel like taking the game back for a refund.

  • Clara

    Same type of situations for me. Characters don't move, screens freeze, camera gets stuck, etc. All since I started the game today. What is the deal? I really enjoy the game, but it's turning out to be a bad experience with all these issues. What's the point in releasing a patch that screws it up?

  • cattle hauler

    I had a lot of frezzing issues in the Detective sceen by the railroad at the begining. I had to restart the chapter and play threw it and i got to the next sceen. I have also has the audio problem.
    Its ironic how one of the most antisipated games of this year has let us all down in the first few hours.

  • Drew

    I have not had any of the issues stated in this article, but i have had several odd issues since i patched it.

    One the collision detection for Grace's model – people will just move right through her!

    the other is anytime I pause the game during the many QTE's the runtime is still calculated in the background – example: I pause the game when being attacked by an assailant, the pause menu pops up and i can change settings then when resumed the time it took me from pausing to unpausing has passed with the game counting as if I let the QTE run without any input from me…

  • Way

    I am playing on a 60GB PS3 for about 4 hours or so and noticed no problems. Hoping after reading some of these comments i dont load tonite and start having these issues.

  • Way

    I am playing on a 60GB PS3 for about 4 hours or so and noticed no problems. Hoping after reading some of these comments i dont load tonite and start having these issues.

  • ColeBeans

    i actually signed out for some reason while i was dling the patch and when i quit the game and started the game again, the patch never came back up and downloaded. so now i cant even download the patch!

  • questionable

    I sense something going on here… five of my friends have this game including me: I have a launch 60GB now a 640Gb machine. No problems. My friends have various PS3 models including slim and no problems… just sayin'… guess my friends and I are lucky like unlike the guys above…

  • whatever

    We've had two glitches here – mainly 1. The loading scene which shows the character faces up-close never ends and 2. The game outright freezes within the first hour of gameplay

    We had to restart twice but other than that we haven't had any more glitches since the update aside from the occasional framerate drop for a few seconds.

    I find it kind of silly that for a company that didn't want to have trophies (they ended up putting them in) because it would detract from the atmosphere didn't spend enough time with QA to fix some larger issues that completely disrupts gameplay.

    Still though, it's a great game – I hope there will be more of these.

  • Sn1peAllDay

    Im around 7 hrs in the game froze in mid cut scene and havent been able to load game since..

  • Jason

    I have experienced freezing twice now. Once in the intro chapter after using the toy car, and once during the merry-go-round sequence in the park. Both times I noticed a slight slowdown of the game before it froze (almost like the system was bogged down with data). During the freeze I could still hear all the sounds (music not stuck in a loop), but was unable to move my character, or exit the game via the PS3 button. I was forced to do a complete shutdown of the system. I am using a 2 year old 80GB model PS3

  • TheThing

    I’ve only had minor problems. The audio froze about 20 minutes in, and it seemed like the disc wouldn’t read – I could move my character throughout the world, but I couldn’t perform any actions. But other than that, it’s been smooth sailing.

    I’ve read a few reviews pre-release where there were major audio and graphical problems, and I bet that this update was supposed to clear a lot of that up. Obviously, it wasn’t a perfect update.

  • neddeath

    when i try to load it just goes black. 🙁
    do i have to uninstall? would that help?

  • Matty C

    I have the blank screen…game won't load…6 hrs in….GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER SONY

    • Matt

      Its not sony its Quantum Dream!!!! its isnt the console that is making it ubber FAIL, i guess i will wait a week to pick this game up

  • AJ S

    got to chapter 5 went to bed now it wont load. it appears that the biggest problems are load freezes and i dont know why.

  • I finished the game

    I got it early actually before the update came to life .. i only suffered from minor glitches in Scott shelpy chapters while the same chapter in the demo was really robust !!

    after the update i faced a lot of that and repeating the actions sometimes or the character sitting on the chair then suddenly hes on the table or so … like that 🙁

  • Will

    My games audio stopped periodically and for a few moments froze altogether. It seemed to happen less and less as I continued to play. I sure hope the next time I go to load it up it still works… Why patch the game the same day it comes out? Why not just release a game that works right in the first place?

  • Charlie

    I also noticed that nothing was on the TV in the father son chapter. You could hear audio, but not video. I'm also having a terribly time with agent Norman Jayden. When examining the body, there are camera angle issues and it will not allow him to view the evidence. The body is in in front of him, but he looks to the side and the left stick is unresponsive. He also freezes a lot. Everything else in the game continues moving, but Norman becomes unresponsive and requires a reload. I have had to reload 8 times in the last 15 minutes. Absolutely ridiculous.

  • DAN

    14 hrs in i saved it now when i try to load it it freezes to a black screen. I Am playing the most visually impressive game to date……. AND I AM STARING AT A BLANK SCREEN….. I BOUGHT A PS3 FOR THIS GAME …. C O M E O N ! ! !!

    • steven

      oh dear has to happen to you doesnt it in the respect that you bought a ps3 for this game, this is what gives sony a bad name as you may slag the ps3 off now. n/m.

  • Jasmine

    I had a problem i wasn't even 30 minutes in the game. It froze on the scene after the dad is standing in the middle of the street with an origami in his hand. then it went to loading and nothing happened. i could press select and i'll get the control menu, i could press start and the start menu would come up. but nothing was happening in the screen, it was just black…

  • Johnny

    I played for hours yesterday. Today I tried to load the game and my entire system freezes. I can not load any of the chapters or my save point. My ps3 is freezing and i must turn it off and back on.. This does not happen with any of my other titles. This blows if there is no fix.

    • von Omerzo

      same thing happened to me man…
      yesterday i played till sleepless night and today i tried to load or access chapter 5 times and every time the screen goes black and i can't do anything but manually shut down my PS3…

      • Katie

        Arrrghhhhhh! I was totally loving this game, having no problems except for some weird audio freezes, and then it hit me at a certain chapter during an action scene! I haven't been able to load since and I've literally tried everything.

        I know they'll come out with a patch soon but it's so frustrating that I'm now unable to play until they do. 🙁

        • Alex

          I’ve experienced the exact same issue. I was able to play fine till I got to Ch.5 on “Face to Face” and I was unable to load my saved file. When I go to Chapters I can’t play anything from Chapter 5 and I don’t know how far the issue goes back. Is it because of the patch that was released with the game that is causing all these issues that everyone is having??

        • von Omerzo

          i suppose it's the patch but the damn thing affects only certain people..
          me and my friend bought the same game in the same store at the same time, we both got the patch and only i'm the one that can't play…
          i seriously hope it will come out soon, why the hell do you even go patch a game with no online features..

    • siana

      The same thing happend with me, yesterday the game was working fine, then today i put the disk in waiting for it to load up then it came up with a blank screen saying Registration trophy informaion could not be compleated then it said i will quit. Don't understand what it is doing if anyone has the same promble or if anyone can help i would be gratefull.

  • Omaring

    No video on the tv in teh 'Father and Son' Chapter and I cannot interact with Shaun

  • Archie

    oh! we in uk are still waiting for the release… and these news are not the ones we expected. I hope it will be sorted out until Friday!

  • Naking

    I played through about 2 hours of the game with minor audio skips. When I got to the first part with Madison Paige, the character appeared outside of the appartment (floating in mid-air) and I couldn't get back inside. I then reloaded from the save point, but when it loaded the screen was cut in half and displaying two random parts of the appartment and no character. I wasn't able to move the camera or anything. I reinstalled the game, but this time it froze after about 15 min. I am now waiting on the problem to be fixed, since it seems that alot of people are experiencing similar things!