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New Nvidia GT 300 Series Cards: Rebranded GT21 GPUs

Nvidia have been very busy of late, not only have they recently launched their new Geforce PC Kit; they have now announced the launch of the Nvidia GT 300 series cards, which we know has been delayed for months now. These include the 320, GT 330 and GT 340, but they seem to be a step back in evolution.

What we mean by this is simple, they are rebranded version of the GT 200 series GPUs. Fudzilla informs us that these new video cards will offer DirectX 10.1, as well as a host of other features.

There are three new video cards in all, the GT 320, GT 330 and GT 340. The GT 340 is the most powerful of the three and has 96 processing cores working at 550MHz. The 330 is a strange one as there will be few version of this model, either a 96 or 112 Processing cores. The other strange thing is that there will be a choice of either a 128-bit, 192-bit or even 256-bit memory interface.

The lowest in the series is the Geforce GT 320, this model only offers 72 Processing cores and has a choice of clock seeds, 540MHz, 1302MHz and 790MHz. For more details on the new Nvidia GT 300 series visit Fudzilla.



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