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New DeLorean: Jay Leno Video Review

Back in August 2007 we announced that the DeLorean was making a comeback. Now almost three years later we can tell you that is has finally happened and talk show host Jay Leno has a video review of the Back to the Future car on

The car was first introduced in 1981, for all you fans of the vehicle; Jay Leno gives us a short history lesson before his thoughts on the new version. You will notice that the design of the exterior has not changed; all the changes have been made to the engine, suspension, brakes etc.

The original engine only offered 135 horsepower; a modern family car produces more than that. The new upgrade now offers up to 195hp, which is more up to today’s standard.

Leno is still confused about the weight distribution of the DeLoreon, which makes it a handful when taking corners fast. You have to be careful that the rear end does not step out on you, which you can learn more about in the video below.



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