Modern Warfare 2 DLC: Will Never Feature Nazis or Zombies

By Jamie Pert - Feb 24, 2010

One of the biggest successes of Call of Duty: World at War was the Nazi Zombie mode, however we have recently heard that Modern Warfare 2 DLC will never feature any Nazi Zombie content.

A reliable source from IGN has stated that “there are no plans for Nazis, zombies, or Nazi zombies, in any piece of Modern Warfare 2 downloadable content”.

Many believe that the realism which Modern Warfare 2 portrays could be ruined by an unrealistic Nazi Zombie mode, perhaps they could release a game mode with modern twist on the same sort of idea.

I can imagine that this will be very disappointing to many, I must say I enjoyed the Nazi Zombie mode on my 360, oh and the iPhone version.

Are you disappointed to hear this news? Would you care that it ruined the realism?

Source: JoyStiq

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  • Anonymous

     can imagine that this will be very disappointing to many, I must say I enjoyed the Nazi Zombie mode on my 360, oh and the iPhone version

  • tony

    guy think yous hav takin this to far, maybe yous should try hittin the pillow

  • Cantwegetit

    just thought of a few more….

    *hit someone twice with a riot shield and they die???? (core)
    *throwing knife in someones foot will kill them???
    *the ability to run past a claymore and not die. (do some research on real claymores)

    point is…again..the game is already unrealstic

    • smk1b

      the knife in foot should at most put him in last stand, and at least, put him in stun grenade mode, or just do it like with shepard, pull it out, throw it,possibly bleed to death.

  • Cantwegetit

    i agree.
    on this game you can be cold blooded, survive exploisons with a blas shield, use heartbeat sensors, stab someone from 15 FT away…..etc. the game is already unrealstic.

  • Freaky

    Are you kidding? Do you realise how dangerous that could be?

  • adam

    defo want zombies 4 mw2 likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Freaky

    Right jay here we go, They COULD make a senry gun, but their isn't the technology to decipher from friend or foe, so not possible, and heartbeats get a grip lad.

    • Joseph

      Wrong. There is the technology to "decipher friend from foe." It would only take something as simple as a IR transmitter on all of our troops that the sentry could then recieve and determine that it's current target was a friendly. As for the enemies, a simple motion sensing beam or short range radar could be implemented into it's mechanics as well as a heat sensor to make sure whatever it shot at was alive, moving, AND not an ally.

  • Adam

    I know Infinity Ward saw the success of Nazi Zombie’s in WaW, and noticed that people were interested in a co-op mini-game style experience. A lot of big name titles have taken notice that it is an entertaining game type that people are very interested in (Gears of War, ODST, L4D, etc, have all incorporated them in one way or another)

    I think IW tried to take it a step further with fast paced co-op mini missions (the Spec Ops section of the game).

  • hanu

    i would lyk if there would been some kind of zombiess thingg on mw2 tht wouldd be sikk

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  • I wouldn't care about the realism but I don't care if there is ever zombies anyway

  • Ncfcboy

    It would be kinda cool…

  • Jay

    You should do a google search before posting.
    As I now laugh at you.

  • Freaky

    Ermmmmm. don't want nazi zombies in the game as it's unrealistic.
    This coming from a game that thinks sentry guns and heartbeat sensors are realistic. Laughable!