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iPhone Owner: Verizon MiFi or iPad 3G?

When is comes to launching new data plans for wireless Internet it can often take time to come round to it, this is just what happened for one iPhone owner. On an article on the Apple Blog, they go on to explain how they pay $70 each month for their Edge iPhone contract, adding another data plan to that would increase the monthly bill to at least $100 per month.

Now iPhone owners and future Apple iPad owners will be faced with the tough choice. Do they need the new tablet device to supplement their smartphone when on their travels to work during the morning commute? The writer of the article did come up with an interesting question though, Verizon MiFi vs. the iPad 3G, what would be your choice.

The thing is, there are different kinds of travelers, and they all want different things. We have to wonder if the iPad is the answer for these commuters, the device is limited on what it can do. This then leaves the Verizon MiFi (read review), which links to your laptop or netbook. Add both together and you are talking much more weight, but you are then are able to do some much more with the two.

For more details visit Apple Blog.



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