Final Fantasy XIII: Xbox 360 install is 18.3GB

By Alan Ng - Feb 24, 2010

For all of you planning to pick up the Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasy XIII, due out March 9th, the total install size for the hard drive has now been confirmed. It’s not good news for those of you with the 20GB Arcade version.

As reported from Ve3tro, the total size will be 18.3GB. That consists of: 5.9GB for Disk 1, 5.8GB for Disk 2 and 6.6GB for Disc 3.

Dont forget, installation on your Xbox 360 is completely optional, but it seems to be a favorable option for 360 owners these days.

If you have the Arcade version though, forget it. You’ll only have around 14GB to play with on your 360, so you’ll have to miss out on this option.

What are your thoughts on this? You knew it was going to be big, right?

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  • Dan

    Oh really? The lowest review I've seen basically says the game is not quite as spectacular as some of the others or the reviewers had inflated hopes or were playing a JRPG when they normally played shooters.

  • LOW

    yea this game is going to suck anyways its already getting bad reviews

    • Shon

      So? I don't understand why you or anyone should care about reviews. Those are only the opinions of some higher ups. In my opinion because ive played the japanese one, the game is actually really awesome. I can not wait for my english copy.

  • Guido

    Good for you Vince. I am very interested, just a little tired of FF series centering on a 17 year old girl though. I pre ordered.

  • vince

    Not even interested in the slightest at this game…