Final Fantasy XIII: PS3 vs. Xbox 360 high definition comparison

By Peter Chubb - Feb 24, 2010

We have managed to come across a video comparison of the new Final Fantasy XIII game. In the video, which you can see by visiting YouTube, you can see how the Sony PS3 version looks compared to the Xbox 360. Both do look very similar, well apart from the 360 looking much darker.

Looking at the original source of the article, The Mind Channel, one reader is not happy with this comparison. He says that running footage at 479 x 272 no one is able to tell the difference between 720p and 1080p. He could certainly be on to something, view it for yourself here and give us your opinion.

I do not wish to enter into the debate myself, but I cannot help but notice that because the Xbox 360 in that much darker, some of the detail can be lost. Please do not take my word for it and say that I am a PS3 fan, I am only saying what I see. Both formats still look great, and are very hard to choose between the both. To keep fans going just a bit longer, check out these awesome screenshots of Final Fantasy XIII from the Xbox 360 version.

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  • Romeo

    @hamid. U r a faggot.. Who r u to stop our debate on these consoles asshole. Go get laid u clit.

  • the unforgiving

    to the average person both versions look exactly the same. like abdul hamid said, u would have to sit there and pause it every minute and study the picture to see the minor difference between the two

  • pongpagong1006

    if xbox 360 will run the game at 720p too, will that be another disc for them ha ha ha

    i cant wait till all bluaray games comes out for ps3, hopefully that will make microsoft release their xbox720 soon

  • whey004

    xbox 360 owner just have to admit that there console is not as good as they thought it is over ps3.

  • WellingtonFitzgerald

    I heard the ps3 version gives you the AIDS.


      your a dumb-***…gives u the aids, are u ******* kidding me

  • Jordan

    Hmm… Looks like xbox 360's get more deeper on 3d Object. Cause the colour get more darker it's mean the colour is more accurate. If we wana see in bright view just slide up the brightness on the tv's. Well, the most important it's about the comparative between BD n HD.
    Maybe When the Xbox360 come with the BD, it could be fair.

  • ToraToraTora

    PS3 version does look better. 720 p does play a factor, but I think the PS3 have better rendering of the graphics. I am glad to have a PS3 too play. This will be a cool game, I just wish it cost USD 19.99.

    • Jonathan

      It will cost $19.99 in the next 19.99 years


    "360 version uses 576p , PS3 version uses 720p"
    Really? They both suck then. Its not 1080p? What kinda crap is that? Neither are true HD.
    Either way, they both look SOOOO similar, any debate is simply retarded fanboyness.
    Troll away fanboy lemmings, troll away.

  • James

    I'm sorry, but the bad cheesy 80's style soundtrack destroys anything good this game might offer and cannot be overlooked…. IMHO it brings a AAA title down to AA standards…. it's bad.
    The voice acting isn't much better. This game won't be gracing either of my PS3 or xbox360, sorry, it's 100% Japanese cheese.

  • Abdul Hamid

    ok basically from what ive been researching the game is good, who ever says its shit has not played it yet so shut the fuck up. It looks boreing when you watch it because YOUR NOT PLAYING IT, dumb shits. When you play the game its completely different because your IN THE GAME. OK.
    Now to sort out this stupid xbox vs ps3. How fucking long has this been going on. Ive own an xbox, it broke (unfortunately) but bought a ps3 because everyone else had one. Im not here to debate which is better because i liked the xbox, it was good, but i also like the ps3 so fuck you.
    Anyuways as for the graphics on both ssytems, from what ive found out, xbox 360 has been downgraded to 720p. Please, xbox gay fanboys, do NOT go crying over this one little tiny fact, shut your twats and go get a life. The xbox version will have 3 disks, however the advantages may be that you don thave to download and install no shit, so there you go xbox pussy fanboys. As for the ps3 due to its blueray it can use dual layer blueray, if it had a hd dvd drive (which is what they were thinking of before) it would be exactly the same a xbox.
    Now, no one go crying over this shit ok, dont go runnig to your mummies and shit. Both consoles will look amazing. Unless you lot are all tards who just pause every second of game play to see the blureyness of the game and are really sad (of which some are, and i cant bleieve that) then you wont realise ANY DIFFERENCE.

  • anaconda

    i dont know about the 360 being darker.
    i own a ps3 and a 360 also, and i dont know about the game its self but when i play the trailers on the ps3 and the 360, the compairson is the ps3 is darker and the 360 was lighter i watched the trailer many times to see what one looks better, but on the 360 it was deffintly ligher than the ps3. both my systems use the hdmi cable also.
    maybe the person who made the video go them mixied up, we will have to wait to the game comes out to see for our selfs.

  • Look up the Facts

    360 version uses 576p , PS3 version uses 720p. PS3 uses one dual-layered Blu-Ray disc, 360 uses 3 dual layered DVD discs. PS3 version uses Compressed data(no download), 360 version uses Uncompressed data (download) which means there is roughly a 6GB download for each disc giving it roughly an 18GB download, hope you have a lot of space on your HDD. Clearly PS3 version is superior.

    • Gandhiman

      Final Fantasy xiii on ps3 doesnt require install from the start its optional. Developers said it themelves. I own both consoles, the only reason im buying for ps3 is because versus xiii is on ps3 only so i thought id keep it as a collection. PS3 version has a better looking picture, but who cares anyway? Its final fantasy in the end. But still it seems a shame that their first HD final fantasy isnt full on the 360. And i have no problem with switching discs, i have been doing that since ff7. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, i personally prefer it on ps3 as i only use 360 to play multiplayer games anyway.

      • Mikey

        What he said ! ^ … 🙂

    • jaocb

      You dont have to download anything for ff13 on ps3. ohh and you are a fag.

  • Berto0391


    • Troll Feeder

      let's feed the troll!

    • Amir

      Becuase it only has Halo and Gears of war to boast for it, it breaks down at around a 30 to 40% rate, its a poorly designed machine, its a dumbed down PC, the GPU is not as advanced or capable of the graphical power of the Cell as Sony has proven time and tiime again with games like Uncharted 1 and 2 Killzone 2, MGS4, a Superior Final Fantasy XIII, Heavy Rain, God of War 3 just to name a new, (none of these games can be done on Xbox)Xbox still uses last gen tech, DVD9, is scratches your dvds, its as loud as a jet engine, you have to pay for online play, basically paying for internet twice, LIVE is full of retarted 12 year holds who dont know how to play a game without cursing or crying, and it now has a problem with the E74 error. Its obvious. its a PIECE OF SH*T!

      • jgigs

        Yes, the cell processor. It's such a beautiful piece of electronic design, no one else is using it.

        Give me the inferior quad core processor from a PC and watch my computer smoke either console.

        • micromike

          Of course no one else is using it. it's not like Sony is offering the technology to anyone.

  • LOW

    a very good comparison the 360 ver dose look darker but not much dif, the game is going to suck anyway so who cares.