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Final Fantasy XIII: PS3 vs. Xbox 360 high definition comparison

We have managed to come across a video comparison of the new Final Fantasy XIII game. In the video, which you can see by visiting YouTube, you can see how the Sony PS3 version looks compared to the Xbox 360. Both do look very similar, well apart from the 360 looking much darker.

Looking at the original source of the article, The Mind Channel, one reader is not happy with this comparison. He says that running footage at 479 x 272 no one is able to tell the difference between 720p and 1080p. He could certainly be on to something, view it for yourself here and give us your opinion.

I do not wish to enter into the debate myself, but I cannot help but notice that because the Xbox 360 in that much darker, some of the detail can be lost. Please do not take my word for it and say that I am a PS3 fan, I am only saying what I see. Both formats still look great, and are very hard to choose between the both. To keep fans going just a bit longer, check out these awesome screenshots of Final Fantasy XIII from the Xbox 360 version.



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