Cebit: MSI all-in-one PC, ideal for 3D games or movies

By Peter Chubb - Feb 24, 2010

With Cebit 2010 just under a week away we are starting to learn of some superb devices, such as a new MSI all-in-one PC. This computer with its larger 24-inch touchscreen has been designed to take advantage of the latest 3D games and movies; including the ever-popular Avatar from James Cameron.

PC World explains that Micro-Star International has designed the new computer to look a lot like a stand-alone computer monitor, but comes with a huge $2,000 price tag. However, if you do not have that kind of money then there will be lower spec versions, but they will not be able to offer as much detail when it comes to viewing or playing those 3D movies or games.

The 24-inch LED screen runs at 120Hz and offers full HD 1080P resolution; it is the inclusion of shutter glasses that helps to achieve the whole 3D experience for the owner or user. When you think that you can pay in region of $4,000 upwards for a 3D TV, $2,000 does not that expensive. Read more on Samsung, Panasonic and Sony 3D TV’s

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