AT&T’s 3G Performance: Better Than Verizon, Sprint & T-Mobile

By Jamie Pert - Feb 24, 2010

Many iPhone 3GS owners seem very unimpressed with AT&T’s 3G network, however a recent chart which has shown up on SlashGear seems to suggest that the network’s overall performance is better than its competitors.

The chart (seen here) compares AT&T with Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon in terms of download speed, upload speed and reliability across 13 different U.S. cities.

AT&T boast the fast download and upload speeds in Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, New Orleans, New York, Orlando, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose and Seattle.

They also offer the fastest upload speeds in Denver and Phoenix, however T-Mobile outdo them in terms of download speeds in both cities.

AT&T’s download speeds were on average 67 percent faster than the other three carriers, they also delivered a reliability of 94 percent, these results certainly question whether Verizon can still be regarded as the number one U.S. carrier.

Do these results change your opinion of a Verizon iPhone?

Source: SlashGear

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  • NationalDisaster

    Look verizon has decent call capabilities, but its data is less than stellar , the droid can't even multitask like the gsm version, and cdma is a dinosaur. Why do you think Verizon is scrambling to catch up with the other carriers to get too LTE. But on the other hand tmobile and AT&t at a minimum fo 4 years agoy should have been at 7.2 with Australia whos complete countrycoverage. yet miles of land in the USA are not with complete coverage. We as a whole via any network in the USA have no true NATIONAL CARRIER. Verizon has huge dead spots just like everybody else even after buying ALLTELL. Hell even Canada said screw CDMA. Ever wonder why vodaphone who Owns Verizon dont share the same network specs or why verizon network here is shamefull compared to gsm europe. Also Verizon over the years claims to own their network but is actually borrowing other towers in many parts of the country under license /roaming agreements that they forget too that mention as well. Lulz Verizon Fanbois

  • Dave Cottrell

    Where I live, the only service available is Verizon…. Period…I tried an iPhone, and according to AT&T Tech support, I'd have to drive 60 miles to make a phone call… … Not that I'm in love with them, but I sure wish Verizon had the iPhone……

  • guest

    In Houston I get 1.2 Mbps in certain areas while 500Kbps on the average for T-Mobile. My friends with 3G AT&T only receive about 128k download speed. We all use the the Speed Test app. I am using the G1 while they have the newest IPHONE.

  • Guest

    If only we all lived downtown in huge cities – AT&T would rule!
    Is it fast because they are fewer data users? I don't know, I'm just wondering becuase the only people I know that use ATT have the iphone. I think a better study would be asking current AT&T subscribers if they are there for the iphone or the 3G coverage. Would that result change your opinion of a verizon iphone? 😉

  • anonymous

    There are so many factors to look at when comparing networks and its not just speed and footprint. Check out these articles and it will explain how AT&T can have the best speeds – which it does, this is not the first independent test to prove that – and still have complaints from iPhone users.

  • Guest

    AT&T service has always outperformed Verizon in all of my travels…West Coast, rual Midwest, Florida, and of course Europe. And the UI that Verizon puts on their phones sucks! Not intuitive at all.

  • Dean

    My iPhone , and the other phones that I have had on the AT&T network, have always bested my friends who are on Verizon. They are constantly using my phone because they do not have service, and they drop calls all of the time, when I rarely drop a call. There are a few spots where I live (West Central Ohio) where they have coverage and I do not, but for the most part, AT&T kicks Verizon's A double S.

  • Guest

    Absolutely not.

    As I sat in class with a class mate last night, and when I asked them how they liked their iPhone, they said they love it. But they also explained, they have to go to certain spot in their house to get service. I have also heard the same story from a co-worker, as well as many others. I am a full time IT professional who keeps up on these issues.

    I live in one of the large cities mentioned in this article. I have Verizon, and I have traveled to many populous places throughout the West coast(and east coast), and in places like Wyoming and many small towns in the mountains throughout various places in the U.S where there is no homes or businesses for miles, and I still got voice and data service, whereas my counterparts didn't have any. Verizon is number one for coverage.

  • Rydiculous

    95% reliability in New York and 85% in San Francisco?! HA!

  • Whoot Whoot

    Try looking up what 3G is and how Verizon boasts it has the best coverage (which maybe true) but true 3G is being able to multitask on the network and still be on the phone….(Uhhh triple layering is hard) For Verizon and other networks this is imposable. I have had a cellular phone since the 3watt bag phone, having bounced around as other companies have come and gone. I have found that AT&T has had great relationships with small and obscure towns (Hmmm coverage) let’s not forget that at any McDonalds or Starbucks you can get Wi-Fi on your Iphone for free. I don't like Apple but I love my Iphone, I don't think the Iphone on any other network will have any less problems then AT&T.

  • Rick

    How fast is AT&T fives miles out of the city limits? Test there and I'll bet the numbers will be completely opposite

  • jgr

    No. The AT&T network still makes the iPhone a lousy phone. Never had so many dropped calls with Verizon. ONLY with AT&T.

    • JordanFallen

      U must had a crappy att phone cuz At&t is awesome! Nvr one complaint with them.

  • DAn

    no u idiot

  • NYC Phog

    This doesn't add up to me. For as long as I can recall (and I'm an old tech guy) AT&T has been regarded as the worst of the big three. Not to mention all the recent complaints we hear about with iPhone owners. And now, in the past few months, AT&T is regarded as the fastest?! Not only that but in some cases three times faster. Boy am I confused. Which leads me to consider the possibility that these tests were done in locations hand picked to favor AT&T results. Do we know who paid for these tests?

    • Rakshak

      I too am a Techy guy…and according to insiders AT&T has made tremendous imporvements in their network. They surely deserve the credit !!!