Aliens Vs Predator: What problems do you see? – PS3 and Xbox 360

By Alan Ng - Feb 24, 2010

While I am thoroughly enjoying the single player campaigns in the recently released Aliens Vs Predator game on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, I have come across several issues related to the multiplayer portion of the game.

While it seems as if the initial match-making problems found in the demo have been solved, there is several in-game issues that I feel need to be addressed with a patch update to the game – I’m sure Sega are aware of this anyway.

The first of which is the Flamethrower. It doesnt actually appear to help the marine in any way. From my observations, it looks like the weapon needs to become a lot more powerful in order to be effective against Predators and Aliens. By the time you spend using the secondary mode of the weapon or stand there emptying a clip into your foe, you are already dead. I always thought that the flamethrower should be one of the deadliest weapons – not the worst.

Another issue I’ve come across is that there seems to be a lot of players (who are hosting) who quit the game after a few rounds, or when they know they are not going to receive much XP. This is incredibly annoying, as you’ll find that no-one else receives XP for that match, rendering the whole match useless.

I’d like to see some sort of host migration feature (seen in Modern Warfare 2) which will ensure that angry hosts who quit the game, do not spoil the XP bonuses for everyone else.

Other than that, I’m loving the game. The modes available are pretty fun, especially species deathmatch and predator hunt. Now if I could only master the Marine species, I’d be a happy chappy.

We’ll contact SEGA regarding the above issues. Let us know if you have any other queries regarding the game, especially if you’ve spotted any other problems we should know about.

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  • Doobygooby23

    I hav a problem, when i log on to PSN, i can go to the AVP multiplayer but when i get to the loading screen for a match, it just keeps on going. I mean, that i don't get to play at all, it just keeps on loading, and if there are people wit mikes, i hear them playing in the match, but im not. This is pissing me off. if anyone has any suggestions, plz help

  • djudkins360

    no he isnt wrong because this happened to me too. i was almost level 19 then i was back down to level 13 WTF??!!

  • Slashes495

    deathwar maybe you where lv 19 and you saw it wrong, anyways i get pissed out the predaters can jump from one side of the map to the other with his heavy attack and if there is a way what do i hit the throw people off me while im grabbed cus when im alien everytime i grab they throw me off and im always human and getting grabbed what button do i hit triangle fast or what (ps3)

  • Deathwar

    Please notify SEGA of this… I have noticed that some people when playing online will have a level drop. What I mean is the earlier today I was near level 19 and when I logged on I had dropped to level 14. This has also happened to some other players

  • Pred@tor666

    I agree with a lot above but i also think that the plasma cannon on the predator should possibly have more use of it than like a couple of shots befor its depleted, tis rather annoying when it runs out in the heat of things and there is no power sources around….
    I am also dissapointed as to how short the game is…but then again arnt all games short nowadays…

  • Drizzle

    There are a bunch of buttons that the aliens don't use! they should throw acid, and some buttons to dodge bullets. for predators, cloaking should take some energy but not everything you do should remove the invisibility, and for the marines the flamethrower needs to be better and they would have a knife to make more damage in melee attacks. a mini set of buttons would be great to win the grips.

  • uzi

    I think the species balancing should be fixed. I very often play in a match, where there are 4 Predators against 2 Marines and 2 Aliens. This is just stupid. Of course Predator's disc is overpowered., it should be fixed by using energy to callit back or something (like in AvP2).

  • JaXon

    how the heck do u switch ur species multiplayer i can never figure it out! what am i destined to be an alien and forever get owned

    • You just select the species, then choose at the top.. I know its a pain though, often you join a game and dont have time to change your species!

  • leobdope

    i have to disagree wit Armen… if the predator didn't decloak after an attack NO ONE would find him… i also think that the Alien heavy attack should be faster…. i mean its hands are ITS ONLY WEAPONS … either that or it should be easier to grab ppl… so many times in multiplayer i'll go to grab sum1 only to have them step sideways half an inch and i suddenly can't grab him? same goes when you flank him… there is no FLANK grab? making it that much harder as an alien to kill things… and the last thing… there is no way a predator should run as fast as the alien…

    • kyle

      It is Faster if you are on a wall, otherwise you are standing on the ground and an alien is suppose to be of the ground as much as possible. Your alien will be brutally effective if you stick to ceilings and use your quick-heavy attack. You can also Flank grab like this if close enough.

  • Steve

    I have found getting into any games over 8 people either never happen or you have to wait for about 5 mins. There has got to be a way to connect people into games faster.

  • The Euden

    In every game Ive ever played the flamethrower is always a weapon that is dedicated to dispatching weak enemies that attack in hoards, why should this game be any different? Think about this way, if you were actually facing one of these creatures which gun would you actually choose? Definitely not the flame thrower.

  • Ryan

    Also, it is hard to get any 18 player games at all even when filtering the game. This on infestation is annoying because 8 players in this game mode isn't fun, I have played 1 match with 18 players and it was brilliant however I can never find a 18 player game as it keeps putting me in 8 player games, this is for the ps3

  • Armen

    Can you send the following letter to Sega as well? It is my regards to the latest AVP Game. Feel free to read it but make sure you send it if you can. Thank you.


    My name is Armen Sevdayan and I have a few concerns with the predator in the new AVP sega game. I am assuming you are in charge of some of the parts of the game. First off, the predator's cloaking technology doesn't seem to work the right way. Every trailer or movie I've seen so far from the new AVP game about the predatoris cool but doesn't seem realistic. In the Predator movies, the predator doesn't decloak everytime he attacks with the wristblades or with his other weapons. It seems to me that you've weakened the predator's abilities too much. I personally along with many wouldn't mind if you or the person in charge, change the downgrade of the predator's decloaking and make it more realistic. Also, when the predator is sprinting and leaping from one place to another, the cloaking seems to be very inconsistent. I don’t mind making the game fair, but their should be a limit to how much you degrade the predator. It would be greatly appreciated to give the predator’s abilities back, such as staying cloaked while attacking.


    Armen and Jirair

  • Toby

    I think if you choose a species, such as Alien, Predator or Marine, it should kind of replicate a team death match. A three-way team deathmatch would be great fun, and would alliance the teams and create a stronger bond with your species. My favourite is the Predator, because Ive always in any game Ive played, been the stealther/rogue/assassin/PREDATOR! I'd like not to kill other Predators! But those Aliens are great to snap over your knee right? 🙂

  • richard

    well written article everything above is spot on , i wish those who host a game would stop starting a game with only 3 people in it , its gives you no warning weather or not match gonna start so i cant back out in time , also wish the predator plasma blast either had no auto lock or you can only use it a certain amount of times cause there's no way of dodge-in it .. also wish there were a certain amount of people that can be predator or aliens 3 or 4 times playin a friendly match were 2 marines against 7 predators awful annoying

  • Keith

    When playing on the PS3 version of Alien Versus Predator I noticed a sound bug with the Pistol. When another distant marine fires the 3 round burst (Alternative fire) the sound is heard globally – as if the marine is standing next to you when really it should be either a distant sound or not heard at all!