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Windows Phone 7: Success can help Microsoft’s Bing

At the Mobile World Congress 2010 Microsoft finally revealed Windows Phone 7, PCWorld’s recent article looks at how the success of Windows Phone 7 could greatly impact Microsoft’s Bing search engine.

Windows Phone 7 utilizes a very similar interface to their Zune HD, however it also tightly integrates the Bing search engine, when you tap the search button on a Windows Phone 7 device a Bing search windows appears.

Windows Phone 7 will not allow device manufacturers to replace the OS’s UI, this means tha every Windows 7 Phone device will feature a search button which uses Bing, this will be massive for Bing.

If Windows Phone 7 handsets become popular it could greatly improve Bing’s market share, currently Bing has 11.3 percent of the U.S. market share, whereas Google has a much greater share of the market with a 65.4 percent share.

Would you prefer to choose your own search engine on future Windows Phone 7 handsets?

Source: PCWorld



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