HTC Desire release date in the UK: All major operators

By Jamie Pert - Feb 23, 2010

At the recent Mobile World Congress 2010 we finally got our first proper look at the upcoming HTC Desire, since then we have verified some technical specifications and also informed our readers of a T-Mobile UK release date.

A recent article posted on PocketGamer has suggest that the HTC Desire will infact be coming multiple UK carriers, five carriers in total.

T-Mobile UK’s March 26th release date is still the earliest, however an Orange, O2, Vodafone, and 3 release shouldn’t be too far behind.

Apparently each carrier will offer a certain amount of customization to suit their network, 3 will be pre-install Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Twitter, and Facebook, for more details check out the link below.

Source: PocketGamer

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  • emma

    Can order online from T mobile now, however says to allow 7 days for delivery, but they send you an email stating it is out of stock so obviously they haven’t even had any in stock!

  • Hiffano

    Just spoken to T-Mobile, and they said mid April to me.

  • Griff

    Release date is from 5th April onwards with T mobile

  • Arj

    Orange are saying the same thing Late March early April or the other sentence they are using is Early second quarter (1st quarter being Jan – March 2nd Quarter April – June)