How to get a ‘Verizon iPhone’?

By Jamie Pert - Feb 23, 2010

It is no secret that a lot of iPhone customers on AT&T have been let down by their network coverage, this has resulted in a lot of customers wanting a Verizon iPhone for its superior data network.

It is still unclear as to whether a Verizon iPhone will ever be launched, however a recent post on QuickPwn shows a far from perfect way to get your iPhone on Verizon’s network.

As the handset does not feature a CDMA chip it can’t connect directly to Verizon’s network, however the iPhone can connect to WiFi networks and Verizon do offer a MiFi product.

Therefore you can connect to Verizon MiFi via WiFi then install a VoIp application such as Skype, this will in affect allow you make voice calls on Verizon’s network.

This could be useful if you are often in a location where AT&T’s coverage is bad, however AT&T are planning network improvements this year which may satisfy many AT&T customers.

Source: QuickPwn

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  • Outlaw

    Verizon is best by far the have way better Customer Service and better coverage overall. I had At&t and they suck!! Always had dropped calls no signal. I love Verizon and I can't wait for their company to get the iphone.

  • brandon

    Having been both a verizon and an AT&T customer in the past, I can say that i have seen no difference in coverage…. All be it in metropolitan areas. However often times I am traveling through small cities. With At&t I couldn't make any calls until I got within 6 or 7 miles of the next decently sized city. Never have I ever had that problem with verizon. What's the point in having a mobile phone if you can't truly be mobile.

  • bubba

    Having been both a verizon and an AT&T customer in the past, I can say that i have seen no difference in coverage…………carry on…………

  • Daniel

    AT&T might be fast, but Verizon has more coverage than AT&T by far!

  • Dave

    Verizon Wireless will not lower themselves and get the IPhone. The IPhone was designed for the Network with less coverage whicg is At&t.

  • Travis

    This is just funny, to the post that at&t is faster in 13 cities. That's because you can only get service in those 13 cities. Of course they are going to make their service look good somehow but seriously how many cities in the US are there? LOL