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How to get a ‘Verizon iPhone’?

It is no secret that a lot of iPhone customers on AT&T have been let down by their network coverage, this has resulted in a lot of customers wanting a Verizon iPhone for its superior data network.

It is still unclear as to whether a Verizon iPhone will ever be launched, however a recent post on QuickPwn shows a far from perfect way to get your iPhone on Verizon’s network.

As the handset does not feature a CDMA chip it can’t connect directly to Verizon’s network, however the iPhone can connect to WiFi networks and Verizon do offer a MiFi product.

Therefore you can connect to Verizon MiFi via WiFi then install a VoIp application such as Skype, this will in affect allow you make voice calls on Verizon’s network.

This could be useful if you are often in a location where AT&T’s coverage is bad, however AT&T are planning network improvements this year which may satisfy many AT&T customers.

Source: QuickPwn



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