Bloom Energy’s Bloom Box: Full reveal tomorrow and Twitter round-up

By Alan Ng - Feb 23, 2010

We have yet more information for you to read now, on the ‘Bloom Box’ – the innovative ‘fridge-sized’ device that aims to generate enough electricity to power a large house.

The article in question is taken from the BBC Blogs, and provides a recap on what information we know about the Bloom Box so far.

Of course, the product will be explained in detail a lot more tomorrow, when an official press conference is expected during the day.

We already provided a link yesterday to the 60 minutes video demo, showing the device in action, but its a good idea to check out this blog too for further information.

It seems that a lot of you are intrigued by the possibilities of the Bloom Box on Twitter too, as a full round-up of Bloom Box related news can be found on Twitter here.

Let us know if you have anything to share on the box.

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