5 Improvements: Modern Warfare 2 on PS3 and Xbox 360

By Alan Ng - Feb 23, 2010

Are you fed up with the way multiplayer has turned out on Modern Warfare 2? If so, you might want to check out this useful article we have found, which gives you 5 improvements that the game needs right now.

The article is from GamersHub, who have listed their 5 improvements, as well as detailed information regarding each one.

Listed at number 5, they would like to see the Party Chat feature return for Xbox 360 owners, adding that it should be available in all modes except Search and Destroy.

The next is a fairly obvious one – more game modes. While we know that new maps are on the way this Spring, we have had no confirmation that new game modes are coming yet, but we expect this to happen sooner rather than later.

Their most requested improvement is dedicated servers. At the moment, Activision host the servers and its an ideal way (most of the time) to prevent hacks and mods being installed, which would mostly be the case if dedicated servers were to come in.

What do you think about these points? Read the full article in the link above, then get back to us if you have any other ideas.

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  • Kevin Plunkett

    Corner lag definately needs to be fixed, I know it has to do with the connection, but it is the most annoying thing if you get around a corner and avoid fire and you still die. Half of my deaths are from that nonsense.

  • coke5elite

    Need to siriously ban people for hacking it's the most annoying thing when somebody is in an unlimeted AC130 holding down the trigger there's nothing you can do and the airdrop glitches are terrible when there is a constant flow of emergency air drops your team is done for. And please balance the games I really don't like when you are in a game with a 10th prestige and a leval 3 joins in, they barely get the controls right cmon now.

  • Battousai 80

    My addition:
    – Booting saboteurs. This has happened a couple times when someone on my team who is friends with the other team purposely dies and gives away our position. This enables the other team to zero in on us by mass or via killstreak. It's annoying when almost everyone on our team is running with suppressed weapons, cold blooded, and ninja while one idiot is making as much noise a possible to reveal our position. Maybe IW can make a patch where if you purposely shoot a % of your ammo without hitting anything it causes you to:
    1. Have a longer respawn (just like "Team Killing not tolerated" – message may be "pick your shots carefully")
    2. Get booted from the game with the ability not to rejoin the same game if done more than 2 times in the game.

    • Battousai 80

      Or maybe the team can vote to boot someone off . If more than 50% of a team wants a player kicked, that player will get booted.

  • Shaun

    First, they need to remove and ban the top 50-100 people on the MW2 leaderboards for modding. Over a million kills in 19 seconds? Yeah right. 10th rank prestige already? I dont think so, obvious modding. I been playing since day one and am only 2nd rank prestige (and I play for looong stretches). Total BS. Secondly, the server issues and recurring glitches (and the exploiting thereof) is a constant headache. And then theres the modders. Nuff said there. In the end, I dont think any amount of patches or updates will fix a game this horribly broken and thoroughly raped by modders. It is effectively ruined. I actually wrote infinity ward about these issues and got no response. So there you have it. They are either unable to fix these REAL issues, or dont care enough to even respond to them (or to me). Time for a new game I guess. Battlefield2 anyone?

    • Enigma

      No joke. The whole MaFiA clan needs to get banned.

  • Battousai 80

    A couple things to note…

    Regarding #2. Boosters Need to be Booted
    I do agree about booting boosters. I mean it really ruins the game when Person A kills Person B (usually because of a tactical insertion) by knifing them all the time.
    I don't agree blocking One Man Army with Riot Shields. I usually switch to that class if I know my position in compromised. I'll typically equip C4 with that class as it I can crouch in a corner and detonate my C4. This reduces the shield bump kill from 2 to 1 if they happen to survive the explosion.

    Other improvements that were commented:
    – Spawning into a killstreak (really annoying)
    – Skill based matchmaking (I hate it when someone goes 1-20 on my team) so games are much more balanced.
    – The ability to jump into a match (if you want) or join a pregame lobby (preferred). Very frustrating when you enter a match and you are already losing by 3000 points.