Xbox 360’s Project Natal: Will outsell PS3 Arc by 5:1 – Pachter

By Alan Ng - Feb 22, 2010

Some more interesting comments for you to read now, from that man Michael Pachter. He has recently stated that Project Natal for the Xbox 360 will sell 10 million units within its first year on sale and outsell the PS3 Arc (Gem) in the process, by 5:1.

As reported from VG247, the Wedbush Morgan analyst stated his opinions in a recent interview over at PS3Center.

He added: “I think that the Sony motion controller will have some problems gaining traction, since it is not an “in the box” solution.”

He also thinks that the 10 million Project Natal units sold in the first year will help to attract more third-party support for the device in the future.

Interesting. Let us know what you think of his comments.

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  • koolaid

    this man's job – getting paid serious M$oney just to spread BS on the internet.
    This guy HATES the Wii and PS3. So there you have it.

  • MarkUK

    Well the Xbox devs in the other office are saying the exact opposite, that the Natal dev kit they have, it's REALLY laggy (2 seconds typically), not very accurate even when it's possible to capture body movements, which seems rather hit and miss depending on what tone of skin you have, what colour clothes you have on, and what the lighting conditions in your living room are like.

    The word they used "a total joke". They didn't have a good word to say about it, and this is a Xbox dev team.

  • David

    If Pachter predicts it, then you know it will be wrong, I don't think he ever has gotten a prediction correct. I can't believe people still listen to him. I am an xbox fan, and think it will do well, but now that he says it will, I am having doubts.