Xbox 360 Moderator Video: Watch here and have your say (POLL)

Looks like something big happened over the weekend on Xbox LIVE. We have a video for you to watch now, which shows the actions of an official Xbox Live Moderator, taking action against apparent offenders.

In the video, you’ll see the mod known as The Pro, take action into his own hands by suspending the account of an Xbox 360 user by the name of LuPo.

Microsoft has already responded to this video and stated that the clip was edited without the inclusion of ‘apparent’ threats being made towards the Mod, resulting in his somewhat ‘unprofessional’ behaviour.

I’ve watched the video myself, and I can see both sides of the story. For one, I’m glad that moderators are taking such a stance towards offenders of the service, but then again – some of his actions seen in the video were taken too far.

Watch the video below, vote in our poll and have your say on the matter. Should the mod be banned for his conduct or not?

UPDATE: We now have the unedited version of the video. Sorry for the language within, but you need to check this out. I’m sure this will change how the vote currently stands.

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