Valve criticize ‘tiresome’ motion-control party games

Valve has spoken out against repetitive motion-control party games, even labelling them as ‘Sh**ty’ and ‘Tiresome’, begging developers to make ‘full-use’ of the capabilities of the Project Natal software for the Xbox 360.

As reported from CVG, Left 4 Dead writer Chet Faliszek promised that the company would ‘not’ be making a ‘tiresome’ Project Natal mini-game for their successful zombie franchise.

He stated: ”You won’t have to make the arm movement of sawing off a zombie’s head in some tiresome mini-game. I can promise you that.”

However, he maintained that Valve think Project Natal is ‘really cool’ but wanted to see other developers make full use of the interaction technology that is available to them.

Good old Chet, jolly nice chap at the Eurogamer Expo he was too. Let us know your thoughts on this guys.



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